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Need help with new A/C compressor kit


March 3, 2011
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98 XLT 4WD
I'm replacing my A/C compressor and drier on my 98 explorer SOHC. I ordered a "kit" online that came with everything including gaskets and oil. Just recieved it today and opened it up...and some things are a little confusing. First off I don't think I got the right A/C compressor.
The first link is the compressor I thought I was getting and is the one that's on my explorer now. The second link is of the one I got in the kit...and it looks like it's for a V8.
Link #1
Link #2
So naturally my first question is are they interchangable? I went back and double checked my order and it said the kit was for 98-03 v6 explorers and rangers so...?

Another thing I'm a little confused about it the PAG oil. With these explorers I was under the impression that you put 4 OZ in the compressor and 4 OZ in the drier. But, there's manufactor's sticker on the compressor that says the comressor already contains 7 OZ of PAG oil and that I may need to add more if I have rear A/C, which I do.
Then the instructions that came with it (written by the business that sells the kit) said I should dump it all out and just use the oil that that was sent in the kit, with was 8 OZ worth. So what should I do about this oil thing? Add more ? Dump it out? No clue at this point, just don't wanna break anything.

the second link told me it would not fit. the only difference i see tho is a 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive in the drop down menu. and obviously part numbers are different. i would dump out the oil like it says and split the oil between the compressor and the drier

looks like the clutches and pullys are different. there is no rear view of the second. but i think it is for a v8 as well. might put everything back into the box and take it back and order everything individually. the compressor looks alot like the one on my v8.