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need to replace or rebuild my 5r55w... what to do?


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November 30, 2000
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96 LTD, 96 XLT, & 98 XLT
Im in the middle of replacing timing chains on my 06 4.0 and while the transmission is out i need to do something with it. The servo case bores are worn. I currently have 40+K miles on AJ1E OD servos with the o-rings and so far so good... but i know the min i put this truck all back together the o-rings will fail (thats my luck)! So since the transmission and t-case are out, what should i do? Have a local place ream and sleeve the bores and do a rebuild or should i just buy a rebuild / re-manufactured transmission for it? Ive read remanufacture is better then a simple rebuild. Are there any reputable places online to order a 5r55w from? just looking for some input. thanks

170,000 original miles on tranny