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Painting my trim this weekend...

dont use any c,learcoat on it. with all the little rocks and stuff that will be bouncing off of it, it will chip off. a light sand is all preference but it does knock all the dirt off not to mention it helps the promoter and paint coats stick better. all your preference though. remember to post pics!

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Just remember to take your time and its all about prep. I think that as long as you clean it well and use adhesion promoter (primer for painting plastic) you should be fine. I didn't sand because you risk causing unevenness if you don't sand evenly causing low and high spots which are dramatized when you paint over them. I live in AZ and did it on a dry day (like no humidity its AZ!) where there was no wind. I notice you are in FLA
so make sure you do this on a day where the weather lends itself.

SUL73NAZ did you take the trim off or leave it on to prep and paint? Thanks.

Left mine on and taped off the painted (green) part. I used masking tape and paper...

This is ironic you posted this bc I was just about to post something like this regarding my ugly 2 tone mountaineer. Can't stand the tan trim and bumpers.. Thought about mako then figured I would just try it myself so...

Let me know how it works out..

How do I remove the trim? Also I planed on using my spray gun with match painting paint.. Where can I find the stock paint?..looking for 1 step paint (no separate clearing)?

Also will cleaning with break cleaner, fine grit sanding, and rattle can spray primer be sufficient prep over the existing paint?

Ok, finished. I went with the Krylon Fusion and some Bulldog Adhesion Promoter.

I cleaned off the trim with some engine degreaser and dried. Taping was a pain. I never done it before so it was very tedious. Did 2 coats of adhesion promoter and 3 coats of paint. I did a decent job of painting (first time). But I am very happy with the turn out.

On Saturday I did the billet grill and the my hitch guard. I got some Rustoleum black primer and semi-gloss black paint. I sanded it down good with 300 grit paper. Cleaned with soap and water. Dried. Applied 2 coats of primer. 4 coats of paint.

I took off my chrome pillars, but had a bunch of grit and glue, so need to get rid of that. I need to tint the tails also. Thanks to all for the info. Many thanks to SUL73NAZ.












That looks awesome. Did you get much overspray on the truck or rims/tires?

Looks really good, taping is extremely tedious but well worth the time and effort.

Wow! Nice job!

That looks awesome. Did you get much overspray on the truck or rims/tires?

I got a lil spatter on the wheel, but that was my fault. I plan on spraying the wheels also, so I'm not sweating it.

Looks really good, taping is extremely tedious but well worth the time and effort.

Man im 6'2, all that bending down and taping made me yeah. It didnt come out perfect, but for my first time doing something like this, Im extremely pleased with how my truck came out. I need to do some touch up stuff here and there. Its all good, just another project :)

looks mean! congrats. if you have any rough spots that you might notice later on, look into doing a little wetsadning to smooth it out no problem.