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Passenger rear window won't clos'02 XLT

Dave Berkebile

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September 2, 2015
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2002 Explorer XLT
I understand there is a sticky for window issues but I didn't see it. I saw some other posts about window issues but not the one I'm having. Hope I'm not repeating a question that has already been answered.

Anyway, it's a 2002 XLT. All the windows work except the passenger side rear. It will go down but not back up. I replaced the regulator assembly (track and motor) but no luck. The master switch on the drivers door seems to have all the window controls running through it so I replaced that switch as well, still no luck. I tried 2 other known good switches on the pass rear window but still the same result.
From what I can discern from my meter (on a good window) -12v opens the window and +12v closes it (tested at the motor on a working window). The rear passenger window gets the window down but I cannot get it back up, it isn't getting the -12v to raise it. Checked for broken wires but haven't found any yet. Check the harness between the drivers door, and both passenger doors but no obvious broken wires.
Any thoughts? I've already replaced all the rotors and pads, and the front drivers wheel hub assembly. In NH, the windows are considered a safety item and this is the last piece I need to fix get to a sticker on it. Please help!

Dave Berkebile

Have to test for power at each point that the wire has a connector and see where it's stopping.