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Peel & Seal or Ice Guard vs Dynamat

have you ever pulled the plastic off your door? If you do you'll see that the door is riddled full of holes. There is even two in our doors that are about 6 inches around. You just feed it in very carefully through there and stretch lol. Now don't get me wrong its hard to manuever in there so you don't get to cover every square inch. Thats where the liquid undercoating comes in you just shoot it everywhere. I just finished putting a layer of peel & seal inside the hatch and on the outter part of it, also used a half a can of rubberized undercoating on it. Amazing the difference that made. Not that the 8 year old stock exhuast was loud but I can't hear it all all. Next will be the floor, then the sides of the truck and last above the headliner. Truck should be as quiet as a tomb by then.

Ok that answered my questions, I have replaced my speakers, so I know what you mean by the holes, just wondered when people were talking about whole sheets as if you just layed it down like carpet.

Now I know why people say its so hard :p.