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For Sale Pioneer Avic-F700BT (W/iPod Cable)

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Selling my Pioneer Avic-F700BT.

Its in MINT condition, no scratches, no knicks, etc. Very clean unit.
I have the good Pioneer iPod Cable, not the cheap eBay ones that dont work half the time.

The unit has SO many options, first off its HD/Satelite ready, HAS navigation with voice guided directions, full iPod control from the screen, plays movies off the iPod too. It also has bluetooth, but it will need a new mic, mine got tangled and the cord ripped.

Has rear camera inputs, rear audio/video inputs, front SD card slot (For music, movies, splash screens), front 3.5mm input, rear USB and much more.

The 3D navigation is SO much nicer than regular GPS, and its never lost signal, or messed up on me. I used the GPS ALOT on this thing!

Ill even include the Explorer/Mountaineer double din kit pre-installed on it for you.

I also have it wired to be able to play movies, AND input GPS data while driving. Not that I reccomend doing either while operating your motor vehicle ;)


All wires will be included, iPod USB cable, GPS antenna, and ill even throw in the mic if I can find it, and you could probably splice it back together.


The unit also features customizable splash screens (Boot screen), and like 35 million colors for the buttons.

Im asking 380$ shipped. This is a 900$ radio before tax, 50$ iPod cable, 25$ double din kit for our X'es

Reason for selling: Im putting an iPad in my dash and a single din in the console. At first, I was going to put this in the console (Where the message center would go), and I was just gonna mount a 10-11" screen in the bezel, but that would only be cool when watching movies. So I decided on an iPad, so I can do everything from it, rather than the HU.

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If your being serious I could cut you a little deal lol

Yeah, we'll see, money is tight and I still don't have a trans IN the truck...

Transmissions are overrated


is the head unit still for sale?


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