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Possible Blown Head Gasket?

I would give it a couple days and just see if it was air bubbles

Well it's been a week and she's still running strong. No ping/knock, valve chatter etc. I really havn't noticed any gain in mpg but then again I havn't done any highway driving yet all aroung town. Plus it's been kind of hard to resist puttin the pedal down here and there:burnout:.

The fluctuating temp gauge has settled a bit. It only fluctuates from just below the N to the R while I'm cruising and seems to hold on the N while I'm stoped (weird). I might add that I went from a 180 to a 195 when I did the head swap. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Jd, after doing a couple oil changes the smoke/steem coming out of the oil fill has stopped. So I guess like you said, that was just excess water steaming off/out.

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You wen to a higher tstat?i would have stuck with the lower one.higher compression means higher heat made.glad the steam has stopped and shes running smooth.still may be bubbles.did you do the funnel trick?show a funnel in the rad fill and fill it with water so its higher than the motor and run the truck at about a 1000 rpms till the tsat start to open then quickly pull the funnel out and put lid on wile still at 1000ish rpms,becateful not to get to hot or will overflow or burn you

I wasn't thinking of the higher comp and added heat. I went with the 195 because winter is here. I've always run the 180 but in the winter it takes longer to heat up and not as much heat in the cab. So I thought with the 195 I wouldn't have to wait as long and would have more heat and the engine wouldn't be running that much hotter than the 180 in the summer.

With the funnel trick, do you mean to fill it so coolant is sitting in the funnel above the fill neck?

I just use only water in the funnel but yes.195 is fine,does cause that much heat but in summer if you get a nock that might be something to think about as well as a step colder plugs,but only if problems do come up,i havent had any

Ok I'll try the funnel trick. Ya I plan on going back to the 180 for summer.

Right on.yea i fought bubbles for awile,last build did i did the funnel and didnt have a problem