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Powertrax 2311 Lock Right Locker - anybody selling?


October 13, 2009
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Mesa, AZ
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03 Ford Explorer Limited
RE: Powertrax 2311 Lock Right Locker Dana 35 Open Carrier 27 Spline

Well, before I go a blow a wad of money, I thought I'd ask around to see if anybody is selling or trading this locker by Powertrax?

I'm installing it to the front axle. I have a 97 Explorer EB, V6.

I'm interested to see how this turns out....

BTW, I'm now located near Seattle Washington, living in Federal Way..... Man this place is beautiful!!!! Can't wait to go 4 wheeling....:D

I know this is a lomg shot but did you ever get one? How has it held up over the miles? How is it on the street. I know it makes that loud ratchet noise anything else?