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Question regarding Daytime Running LED's on 5th Gen Explorer (Picture)

To Faizal-2015 Explorer LED DRLs

Howdy Faizal, I have decided not to add the DRLs. This is the site I thought might work, but feel it Weill,be almost possible to align them along the curve under the headlight somtheyndont look like aftermarkets.
I installed Carid LEDs throughout my entire vehicle (except for the 3rd row dome light). So I turn on my Amber running lights. That way I don't feel like I am copying a Lexus, bow, etc. The Amber LEDs look cool to me.
I do not know how to attach a photo on here. If you want to send me your email, I will send you a pic of my explorer. I have installed HIDs on headlights and fog lights, so they match. The pic also show how my Amber LED running/turn signal lights.
Best of luck

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Great topic. Kind of timely too. We have actually just committed to developing an Explorer specific LED DRL system that will fill the angled cavity between the headlight and the grill. Our LED lamps will be very bright and function as true DRLs in bright daylight. The universal LED products mentioned in some of the posts would be considered accent lights, not suitable for bright sunshine visibility.

Our DRL lamp housing design will form to the contours of the grill and surrounding surfaces. Our goal is to create a light that looks like it came on the Explorer from the Ford factory.

I am not going to give too much away about the design, but the photo below shows the direction we are heading. We are considering several types of LED emitters, reflectors and lens designs from our Ford Fusion DRL and our GMC Terrain DRL prototype. (see photos below).

I would love input from forum members on the design and any features or functions you would like to see incorporated in it. We are moving forward quickly on the development of this DRL, so get your suggestions in soon. If you want to discuss this offline, anyone is welcome to email me at or call at 913-304-0720.

Thanks, in advance,
Dan Smith - DAYTIME BrightLites, LLC &





Prototyped - GMC Terrain DRL



Has anybody heard any updates on these DRL's?

They are an official forum vendor btw

Haven't seen those DRL on any Explorers yet
I have those but, as well, haven't seen any other Explorer with such a lights in Calgary, AB or area yet.
I like them, they are bright but unfortunately faulty. Yet, have to admit, Dan was fast on sending me replacements for free. I am currently on my second controller and have three pairs of lights itself. Apparently, controller was fine, the culprit were the lights. It is probably made by China and not of really good quality. I ended up opening every single one of them looking for problem. I realized that due to heat generated by LEDs the PCB becomes too hot and melts the soldering of hot wire to the PCB and that becomes loose and lights fail. I re-soldered all of them, sealed them back with silicone and so far so good. The very first pair of re-soldered ones are still up and running. BTW, it wasn't an easy task to open them up intact.
Thing is, that not many people will be doing what I've done.
So, personally, I would not recommend buying them, unless Dan have fixed that issue.