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Removing catalytic converter help


July 27, 2006
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Atlanitc City, NJ
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I am working on my transmission and cannot get access to the servos on the passenger side without taking the Catalytic converter out of the way. I got the rear side unbolted last night but the 3 nuts on the Y pipe flange are rusted so bad that there is no way they are comming off with a wrench. My question is if I cut them off are the 3 bolts going from the CC to the front of the engine studs in the flange or are they bolts? They have a flat round head to them and it makes me think they are permanent studs and then how would you replace those since its on the CC flange? Also is there a gasket in between these 2 pipes I need to get? Any help would be appreciated.

Bob W.

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Did you take out the seats, and try to get access from the block off plate in the floor? That plate was originally designed for the manual models, but its opening is in the same area as the servos, and modulator.

Did you ever try to use a propane, or mapp gas blow torch to heat up bolts to make them easier to open? They make a tool called a nut cracker for splitting rusted, and rounded off nuts when everything else fails. Another thing to try is a bolt out tool for rounded hex nuts, and bolts. Sears, and Home Depot sell them (under the Irwin brand I think).

Thanks for the info BrooklynBay! Its not that I can't get the bolts off (and I've tried propane which doesn't seem to get hot enough to cherry the nut, and I can't use a nut cracker on 2 of the nuts since there is no clearance for it) I need to know if the bolts are permanent studs in the CC flange or are they just bolts with round flat heads on them that I can buy seperately when I put it back together?

I am going to use my dremel to cut the nuts off tonight. I didn't know there way an access hatch in the floor I will investigate that option as well.

Bob W.

Well I finally got the nuts off by using a grinder/dremel to cut them off. After pulling the CC off the truck the bolts I was referring too are indead permanent studs in the flange and I will have to drill them out to put new bolts in there. Its a pain in the A$$ getting the top one off but after 2 hours and cursing at it in all kinds of languages I was able to do it. I really need to get myself a torch setup.

I also took out the front passenger seat and exposed the hatch to see if I could get to that way and unfortuantly it just gets you to the top of the tranny. One good thing from that is I can easily get the top 2 bolts off the extension housing from here. I am replacing the governor when I get this part completed so that will help some.

Thanks again,
Bob W.