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Replacement OEM Overhead DVD (04 Explorer w/sunroof)


October 7, 2015
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2010 Ford Explorer XLT
Ok, my projects with the newly acquired 04 Explorer Limited are now in the "don't really need to, but might as well" phase.

My wife's Limited has a sunroof, which from my research seems to make a difference with the factory OEM overhead DVD console; not sure why...

Anyway, the DVD doesn't work regardless of the HU cycling through the CD/Aux option; the HU acts like there's no DVD. The DVD won't power on when I try to put a DVD in it; it won't even accept the DVD. I notice very faint flickering on the screen when I hit the DVD player's eject button; otherwise nothing on the screen at all. There is power at the wiring harness for the DVD.

Searching through these forums and other 'net sources seems to indicate the DVD is simply bad. I've noticed I can't just buy the DVD, but need to get the entire overhead console; fine. On to my question:

The parchment (tan) overhead console has the part number 4L2J 10E947 BDBJAF with a date of 04-28-04 on it. I've seen what appear to be exact units for sale in the $100-$150 range on eBay and other sites, but the part number is not exact. Therefore, which of the part numbers are interchangeable?