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Roof baskets experiences...

I just put the Rage basket up and I love it. Amazon, 125 bucks. Came a bit scratched but whatever, I will probably respray it flat black on an off day from work in the spring. Solid mount and wind fairing is sporty. I cut the "Rage" letters off the decal becuase they were slightly damaged during shipping. Strong enough to mount and axe and shovel too and holds the spare just fine. I just couldn't justify spending 399 on a Yakima basket sorry.

When you don't want to spend the cash on the name brands, that is when you turn to the trusty craigslist. Got mine for a steal from there :D

With the Rage brand baskets, do you think it's strong enough to tie down stainless steel tubing to then the ends down to hitch in rear and tow hooks in front. The tension from being tied front back would put some pressure on the basket rails.

Got this surco for a steal from a member on here... Came straight off a second gen... If you look close you can see I just moved the tabs that went in the rails outward and they clamp on my rack great though 05+ had a different rail style...


IMAG0576 by billyssingle, on Flickr

Wish it sat a bit lower but its too wide to fit inside rails and if I remove the support rails im going to have to bolt it to rails....imho isn't worth doing for a inch lower...