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Sirius radio problem ID #?

Hey Yo

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January 23, 2008
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I recently purchased a used 2004 EB. While driving it home I was pleased to find that Sirius was installed and working on my radio. I have been listening to it for a few days when all of a sudden today, it did not work. I do not have a subscription but wanted to get one. So i call up Sirius but they need a Sirius radio ID number and I can not get it off my radio.

Would a Ford dealer with a support center be able to hook up to my computer and get it ? Does anyone know how this works?

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Check with the sirius website. On my xm setup I think when I tune to channel 1 it will give me the radio id #. May be different on sirius, but worth looking into.

OK this did not work for me but this is how you retrieve a Sirius id # from your factory installed Explorer radio.

Hold SAT + 1 together for 3 seconds.

if this does not work,

Holf 1 and 6 together for 3 seconds.

if this does not work

buy a Sirius Sportster 5 like I did. Saved me time and hassle. I wish I could find the number but I could not. Maybe this will help others.

i think you can tune to channel 255 or something like that and it will tell you.


When you got to sirius it will say call sirius and then give you 18885557474. After that happens press AUX and ``1`` at the same time until the number shows up. That is your Sirius Radio ID. When calling to activate they will ask for your VIN number too. It is kind of like your cars serial number. It can be found on the windshield just above the wiper on the driver side.
Hope this helps!