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Smittybilt Bumper?


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December 3, 1999
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Penobscot, Maine
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'92 XLT
I was looking at getting the James Duff bumper for my new 92 Explorer, however I found that has the smittybilt one for less money, plus I have a 20% discount for ( the coupon code is: DEAL). I've heard that the smittybilt isn't as strong as the duff, any opinions otherwise, also, does the smittybilt have light tabs like the duff? Please, all opinions are welcome.

P.S. I just got my first Explorer icon. :)

Are you planning to go off road?

If so, get the duff bumper. it's worth every penny in comparison to a smitty bilt.

I've bent, banged, and dented both front and rear smittybilts on my truck. It's way to easy to do.


like tdavis said..depends what you do.

The Duff is pretty sturdy..and it has two lower light tabs for like fog lights and two top tabs on the hoop for something like 6-10" off road lamps or smaller lights if you like. The Duff is also 2" tubing as opposed to the 3' s#ittybilt. The "prerunner" style of the Duff also sticks out about 12" to the front of the vehicle while the s#ittybilt has a hoop but it only sticks out as far as the bumper. The Duff is $250 bare and $299 coated...I've never seen the s#ittybilt for less than $299-499 which I considered a ripoff for the difference in quality.

I supposed the s#ittybilt would be alright if you can get it for like $150 or so and if you just wanted a tube bumper (assuming you dont have the stock one anymore) just for show or whatever. For ANY sort of 4x4 or off-road use (or taking a hit) the Duff is a no-brainer. I think it looks cooler too. :)