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Spring Creek Offroad Park


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January 5, 2001
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Houston, TX
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2001 Sexy Sport Trac 4x4
I got my truck back together recently and decided to go check out Spring Creek again. I think it has been about 2 years since I had been out there. And I had heard that some things had changed.

Spring Creek Offroad Park is just North of Houston in Spring, Texas.

The park charges $10 per person to enter. I believe every 3rd Saturday of each month they hold a mud bog competition. Check their calendar for all upcoming events:

There are a few dirt trails going through the woods out there. But, new to me was the man made concrete rock obstacles. Definitely offering a challenge for built rigs. Check out the video I made of the obstacles:

Here's my still photos taken over the last couple of weekends:


Here's some videos that I took out there last weekend:


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I'm up here in Dallas....

Hey, do you think a stock 4x4 explorer would be able to handle some of the trails there?


Yeah, most of the trails aren't too hard. When I was out there on May 17th, there was a stock Jeep Wrangler JK going around with us.

You have better offroad parks closer to you than Sring Creek. Like Barnwell Mtn. Recreation Area in Gilmer, TX. Or Shiloh Ridge near Alto, TX. Both those places have better trails than Spring Creek.

I just go to Spring Creek because its in the Houston area. It's just a place to hangout and watch some crazy people. :D Maybe I will have to try my truck on some of those man made obstacles. But, I need a good spotter.

A big annual event will be going on this weekend. I'm not sure if I will be there Saturday or not. But maybe Sunday after my daughter flies in from New Mexico.

June 7-8, 2008:
6th Annual Super Truck Shootout.....