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Stall and starting problem.


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October 26, 2008
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Hi all. We have a 2002 explorer v6 with about 150k miles on it. Over the last few months we have had an increasing common occurrence of the car stalling or not able to start. The check engine light is not on, and when it is running, it seems to run fine (no rough idle or anything out of the ordinary)

It seems to stall when coming to a stop, but it always has started right back up so far.

When we have had starting problems, it is usually after the car has been running for a few minutes, and then we turn the car off, and then when we try to start it back up, it won't start. The engine turns over normally, but just doesn't start. It acts like it is out of gas, though its not. Usually a few minutes later, it will start and then run just fine as it nothing happened.

Any ideas of what might cause this?

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Had same problem w my 05... Cleaned maf sensor, and throttle body, and fixed it. I was getting a code though, unexpected idle speed or something... After it would stall out on a cold start. Ford says not to clean the TB, but I did anyway... Had a ton of carbon buildup at 70k. Be sure to use right cleaner, one size does not fit all... Maf =maf, throttle body= throttle body... (don't want to insult, I didn't know)

Thanks Ted22. I bought an IAC and will see if that fixes it. If not, I will try your ideas. I dont' like these intermittent problem, as its hard to nail down the problem. It might be a month before the next stall.

had same problem. replaced tps and dpfe sensor and it fixed my problem.

I have the same problem with my 98 ford explorer and what would it be. My brother says it could be fuel or ignition related or a ground has come loose. Help

Also what do I tell the dealership to fix if I take it and how much will it cost.