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stealth options for ex with 3rd row


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January 21, 2002
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'04 XLT
I have been looking for stealth options for my audio since I have a third row seat. I have a spot for my CD changer and possibly an amp and want some advice. The second row seats fold up. I could mount the CD changer under one side, it fits, and I could have easy acess to it. I would like to put an amp under the other side seat but it would have to be a small amp. Has anyone else done an under seat install? Does anyone know of a powerful amp that would fit? About the size of my Pioneer 6disc changer? Thanks

P.S. If anyone has any ideas for a steath sub spot let me know

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Not much room to put a "stealth" sub. I just built a box to fit in the tiny space behind the 3rd row. I don't know if I would mount anything underneath the 2nd row...They may get messed up somehow if you have people using the 3rd row.

3rd row?

I have thought about putting something behind the third row, but I use the back quite a bit and often need to put the third row down. Do you have pics of the box? I have thought about removing the drivers side rear panel near the third row. If there is enough space behind it I might be able to build a box that will fit in there. Pack the area with dynomat, and rock on in stealth mode. What do you think?

I guess it would depend on the size of the sub you want. You could probably fit an 8" decent sub in the passenger rear side panel (see my thread about where I mounted my amp: )

My amp is about 20"-22" long, and I still have room for another amp to mount inside. Of course, I had the "premium" sound system, and this is where the factory amp and sub was.

I dont have any pics of my box that I made, but it looks just like Kris' (only mine is half the size, since I only have 1 sub)

Thanks for the thread link. I have been looking for a thread for a while. I do not have the premium sound so I am starting from scratch. The ideas from both you and Kris, really help and now I can design from there. Thanks!!!