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Still spitting out coolant vapor after new Heater Core


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August 28, 2000
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Overland Park, KS
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'91 Explorer 2DR 4WD XL
I've done my share of heater cores. And now I'm on my second one in the Ex. I swapped it out fine, new thermostat even and new 50/50 coolant. And it even blows out plenty of heat wear as before it didn't.

But the problem is that it's still visably spitting out that vapor from the vents and fogging up the windsheild. I even cleaned up the plastic piece that you remove the gain access to the heater core that could hold coolant.

So my question is did I get a bum heater core that's leaking already or is there enough build up of coolant vapor inside the ventilation system that it will take a while to dry up?

My thoughts are that I got a bad heater core. Because I've gotten them before bad right from the autoparts store. I just wanted to see if anybody else has had this before because I can't remember if I did the last time I did mine. And of course I don't really want to do the whole thing over again.


Well I just swapped it out with another different make of heater core. There seems to be much less coming from the upper vents. So I do think I had a bad one. But it still always comes out of the floor vent. And after I got to looking down there I noticed a piece of foam that is one of the vent exhusts. It was soaked in coolant.

So I hooked up an extension cord from my apartment into the cab and I'm going to let a fan dry that over night. I also cracked the windows too just a bit.

Hopefully that will take care of it. :)