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Tailgate/liftgate won't lock


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November 14, 2011
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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1991 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi All,

Last night my '92 Explorer made the decision to no longer support me in locking my tailgate. This came after I had been out in about 10 degrees F. weather and opened it to remove some stuff. Upon closing it, it would no longer lock.

Before I was able to lock it with the pin through the tailgate window by hand, as locking it with keys seldom worked, but now this doesn't work either. As I had to park the car in a rather bad neighbourhood, I might have forced it a bit much, as it would seem I have bent something on the inside in my efforts to get it locked. (It now is)

In short: Tailgate won't lock, either by key or using the pin through the tailgate window (central locking doesn't work either) Unlocking goes fine. Perhaps cold weather is a factor.

Is anyone familiar with the problem of the tailgate not locking? I'll try and remove some panels this weekend to see if I can get it fixed, but I'm not too optimistic. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I had same problem you need to lube the lock and the latches the latches a wd40 or white lithem and lock lube if they goes help your going to have remove the inside cover a locate the center lock mechaniz and lube