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Texas Guys (AGR wheeling ranch)

BTW, are we camping or is this just a day thing??

be sure to read the postbefore this one.

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I figure just a one day thing.

I am planning on leaving dallas at about 7 a.m., eating some breakfast once we get near, then offroading til lunch, throw out the grill and make some hamburgers and hot dogs, offroad some more, cook some more, offroad some more, then go home sometime in the evening. It's a get away for me, my wife is having a baby shower on the 31st (saturday), so I'm straying off to have some fun outdoors.:D

I'll bring a cooler and some food too just let me know what you would like to bring.

and who's bringing the beer? lol :):):)

I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem for me to pick up some Shiner on the way there. ;)

BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad:

A friend of mine just looked at the forum for agr wheeling and found that the guy who is suppose to oppen it up (tim) is attending a wedding on the 31st. SO THE TRIP IS OFF! Hey SVO if you still want to do some offroading I guess we could go up to 360 for a day and go back to the house and cook out. Let me know.

Yeah that sounds good, or I know for a FACT that the Kingsland Slabs are A-OK by the law enforcement about wheeling on, I know this as we ran into them lastweekend about camping, and they said we can do what ever we want in the river and around it, so no tickets and lots of area to travle troought, plus since your modded, I can follow your line to make sure I don't get into to deep of water.

Which ever you prefer is fine by me, but from your description about 360 that might be a little more than my "Nasty Hoe" can hang with, 6 to some half a dozen to another I can hang either way.

depending on where you guys end up going and if my x could survive id like to come as well if not ill bring my friends truck its a beast...

Well then sounds like we got "Plan "B" working, so lets make this happen, lets not let one man's wedding ruin our great weekend time to go out a wheel oour state for fun!!

I do know that Kingsland (30 miles west of Geroge Town) can be done (parts of it) with a stock Explorer, but I would recomend at minimum tires though!

Kingsland holds, sand, water, and rock climbing, plus a few other cool stuff like a 8 foot wall that doubles as a jump! :eek: That was fun!

kingsland sounds great but thats like a 5 hr drive for one day wheeling lol ...

From Plano you are (pending on you driving habbits) about an hour and a half from Waco then about another hour and fifteen min. from Kingsland.

Here are some Kingsland Slab pictures:

Dead Link Removed

We could camp too, if some of you guys think it's too far to drive in one day!

well why not drive out there tomorrow night camp then come home saturday night or sunday ??

Hmmm! I have to do brakes and a radiator right after work (get off at 6:00pm), but they may be a possibillity, the tent is still in the garage out up drying out from Ledgewater trip we took last weekend, so I would have to pack all that up, it would be kinda late before I got there but I might could manage to pull it off.

i wouldnt be able to leave plano til around 7-730 but i drive like a bat out of hell... i just suggest going tomorrow night to see if we cant have all day saturday for wheeling

Holla at me Chris we might be able to work something out!


any certian time i should call??

Well lets figure out a game plan by 8 p.m. tonight. But I'm in for some wheeling regardless where it is at.

Nah! holla anyime, if it's between 9am and 6pm and I don't answer please leave a message and I'll call you right back, I might be neck deep in a vehicle and not able to get to the phone before is goes to voice mail (it only rings 4 times on my end, damn AT&T).

There might be a friend in Houston that has a 4 Runner and a 4WD Expedition that may drive up too, if she doesn't go run her big block Olds-mo-bubble.

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