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thumping at high speed




i have an '02 4x4 xlt and the other day it started making this wierd thumping noise. basically, when i get up to about 60mph and then let off the gas, the front end starts to get this thump that i can feel in the floor and the steering wheel. it thumps about one time per second and only happens when the truck is in an idle deceleration, not when the brakes are applied. when i step on the brakes it only thumps a few more times and then stops.

any body have any idea what the heck is going on, i really have no idea where to start looking? im afraid to think transmission becasue i just spent over 3k having a gear replaced about 6 months ago and another problem like that and ive essentially spent more on repairs than i actually owe on the truck! :rolleyes: