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Towing package question

i was unaware of the six speed transmission. even still i would keep it in low gears for towing. i dont think cars 2000+ r good for anything. i hate my 04 stratus and my 01 buick. pure junk!!! i cant imagine how awful even newer cars r. i used to have a 91 ranger supercab 4.0 with 33x12.50x15, 6 inches of lift and 3.55 gears and it could pull anything! i mean anything! my biggest loads were a heavy duty car trailer(1500+) with my 04 dodge stratus(3000+) and then that same trailer with with an 89 ex cab s10 4.3l mud truck covered in mud(4000+) and also my 24' camper with double axles. and it pulled everyone of those with ease! i was very impressed with the power of that old ranger! did i mention it only have a 1" hitch lol!


6,000 miles??? did you not drive the Avalanche? :D

We bought our 2011 ex in March and are almost at 11,000 miles

No, it didn't get driven much, sat in the garage, clean, for most of the 2.5 years I had it. I loved the truck, just hated filling it's 32 gallon tank up. :D I picked up my '11 Explorer up in March too and it just turned 3000 miles. We use my wife's '10 Fusion for our daily driver, we work a mile from each other so most days we only need to take 1 vehicle.

Define capable? Moving the load from a rest with HP and rear wheel drive? I'll say, my Explorer tows my 5000# car hauler better than my Titan 4WD 4 door. It does everything better but move out from a stop. Having the tow hitch closer to the rear axle is always better for towing stability. Good trailer sway control and decently stiff sidewall tires also help. If you haven't towed that load with your Avalanche, don't beat yourself up. It may have towed worse.

I really just assumed it would tow better with it's V8 and 8000 lb. tow capacity. It did tow my 4000 lb. boat around decently, but I know towing a boat and full height travel trailer (wind resistance wise) around are two different animals. The Explorer does a good job pulling our current camper, so far I have no complaints.