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Trim Paint Code???

I am having trouble locating the paint code on my door sticker for the fascia, fender moldings, etc. for my 2000 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I can find the paint code for the car itself but for some reason, I don't seem to have the "trim" code. (All trim is gold in color). Any help would be appreciated. I need to buy some touch up paint. Is the Ford dealer the only place that will carry touch up?

I had to fine one for mine and all I could come up with was the name of the color, not the code for it. Mine was Medium Prarie Tan. I just took it to a body shop and they took a color that was close and just kept tinting it until it matched perfect.

I used to know exactly what it was cuase i got my grill guard painted to match my moldings. I forgot what it was though.