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Turbo size for 4.0 sohc

i'm going to turbo my Sport Trac and i have been looking at turbos. i am thinking of getting a 5.9 cummins turbo because i don't want it to spool to fast and i only want to run 5psi at 5k rpm. will the 4.0 push that turbo or would i be better off with a T3 T4 turbo? i am going to upgrade to 24lb injectors and lower the spark plugs 1 temp lower. also i will be getting a SCT Eliminator Single / Multi-Program Switch Chip. i am going to run two programs, one with turbo one without turbo. i'm hoping it will be a little like a street sleeper. help me figure it out turbo guys. :roll:

Also would it be worth the effort to dial in the cams?