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What maf for 4.0 ohv turbo?

Wondering what MAF i should go with on my 96 4.0 ohv turbo. Maxing the stock one out at 5lbs. Little breakdown of the setup: Front mounted GM-4 Turbo .38 exhaust/ .41 intake, Custom exhaust manifold for turbo. 30lb Accel injectors, Meth kit, Non-Intercooled, HKS SSQV Bov, 3 inch downpipe dumped infront of Passengers side wheel. SCT Switch Chip W/ Base map, AEM ugeo wideband, Stock fuel pump.

Ive been told by my local tuner that the 99+ Lightning or 03-04 Cobra MAF should be suciffent for my setup W/tuning of course. is there any other solutions?

Been running 5-6 psi daily for 8 months now. and 14-16 when necessary to pull those pesky damn LS1 cars.


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January 20, 2009
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Forgot to add that it has a FMU on it for the moment until i can get my MAF problem worked out.


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Lightning MAF's are cheap, and easy to find. Just make sure you are getting a REAL Lightning MAF. I have seen people selling standard 4.6/5.4L F-150 MAF's, labeled as Lightnings...