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Water in Oil


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November 9, 2010
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2003 explorer xlt
I went to have my oil changed yesterday. They would not change my oil as they said there was water mixed with the oil. Under the cap that say 5w-30 the oil was a yellow gold color. However if you pull out the dipstick the oil is its normal color. How do you find where the water is leaking?

You can get condensation on the back of the oil cap that leaves a whiteish/yellowish deposit there, especially if you only take short trips with the vehicle where you don't get it up to temperature much.

How long has it been since the oil was last changed and how has the vehicle been used since then?

Have you noticed it using any antifreeze, the vehicle overheating, or performing poorly? If not, and you usually only use it for short drives, I'd take it out and drive it until it's fully up to temperature for quite a while and then check the oil cap. If it's condensation on the back of the cap, running the motor at full temperature for a while will vaporize off the water, and the cap may clear up.

I'd also take it to a different shop to have the oil changed.

Nothing to worry about , it is normal condensation. Just wipe out the fill cap and neck.

The car runs fine. I have to check the anti freeze. If I had not taken it to have the oil changed, I would not of known anything was wrong as the car runs fine. I last had the oil changed late nov. or early dec. It was about 3300 miles ago.