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What is your rear fender ht with SOA and 35's?

I really need to clean up that gallery. Here's a side pic though the driveway is not level. Sorry it's dirty. It's been raining a lot here.


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Here's the duff bumper in primer:


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Here's my SOA-AAL. The AAL is between the overload and third leaf from the top. The more I look at it, I was wrong on yours. I'm thinking you have 4door leafs. Which I think is cool, should flex slightly better than two leafs+AAL.


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WOW what a difference 15 vs 17" wheels make. Take a look at the first page with your pic of the SOA vs mine. Your brakes look huge or mine look extreemely small. :D

I was thinking the same thing about how much smaller the drums looked on your rims. Man those 17's are huge.

I am still finding new things on this Ex that I was unaware of. For a $1000, this has been a great purchase for me since it was aready built as you see it. Now I need to open the diff and find out what is up with the rear end. stock it was a 3.73 LS, but when I spun the rear wheels, they spun in opposite directions. So Open, locker or dmaged LS.

Oh and by the way I am really gettig the itch to add those Perry's fenders. What was the cost for them?

They really look nice!!!

Actually I got these fenders from Hanneman's . He's a lot cheaper and a hellova guy to talk to. I think I paid $270 for the pair plus $35 to bubblewrap (wow great job) and actuall shipping. He kept me on the phone while he called the shippers to verify the actual price. I won't speak of my experience with Perry's. My cowl induction fiberglass hood is comming from Unlimited . The rear fiberglass is coming from Baja Racing Products. More great guys to deal with. Rich owns the shop and is very professional and a wrath of knowledge for pre-running an Explorer. He was the first to make fiberglass fenders for the X and the front end conversion kit.

$1000? Boy what a buy, even if you had to redo all the brakes. Not bad at all. Did you spin the tires in both directions? Sometimes the LS won't hook up. More than likely, it's broken. but hey, gives you more justification for cool lockers!

jack, your v has the 118's i can tell just buy looking at it... all you gotta do is call super lift and say you installed this kit a year ago.... and now the coild are settelin... and they gave you the 118's and they will send you the 133's for free.... it isnt worth putting a spacer in there when you can just get new coils... and you dont have a AAL in your rear pack... and if you have an LS thats worn... you can rebuild it relitively cheap and add more clutches to for grip.

I wish I could just do that but I have been talking with Superlift already and they know how old my lift is. 4-5 yrs. I am trying to find out if they will warranty them anyways since they have settled too low.

I got a rough measurement yesterday on them compressed and they were just under 16" and that was with a complete 1" coil lift installed. That is all four of the little twist in things. So whether those kits are ment to go 2 per coil or all four in one coil I will have to check. UNless any of you know???

AlaskanJack: My lift was a little older and they sent me the coils free of charge. Plus I'm sure you don't talk to the same rep everytime.

Well that sucked in order to get new coils sent to me I have to send my coils back to them. What a Pain in the ass. So I got an RMA and I will send them back. I was told they should measure 16-16.5" compressed and since mine were just under 16" with the coil lifts in they must be the lighter coils for a Ranger.

But a side note they are going to send me a mess of superlift stickers and other assorted items.