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what offset and/or backspacing do i need?

ok, i need to get some 17x8 wheels, but i cant use stock offset wheels. the tires i already have are too wide for a stock offset.

i need to know what offset and/or backspacing should i get to make my wheels stick out 1" more than the stock offset?

or at least can someone tell me what the stock offset and backspacing is on stock 16x7 wheels?
that would at least give me some place to start. im not gonna be buying wheels for about 2 months or so, but i need to have all my research done by then.

thanks all.

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tbomb I don't know if this will help, but explorer express has a cobra r replica that will fit an X without the use of spacers. Give them a call if won't hurt! I know the price per wheel is 199.95. Hope this is of some help.

Hey tbomb,

Check out this thread: Dead Link Removed

Towards the bottom there's a really good explanation of back spacing, etc. Hope it helps.

Does this mean you're not selling your Scorpions anymore?


hrmm i dont even know what back spacing i have. is there a way to find out? besides finding my reciept. Is it stamped on the wheel somewhere? heh


guys, im a moron; i didnt see any of these replies to my original post until now, when i went searching for this thread.

yetix, that thread only talks about backspacing - i know how that works, but isnt offset a different measurement? it has something to do with a measurement from the center of the wheel to the outside lip or something like that...i dunno.

and, yup, im keeping the pirellis now.

so, does anyone know how offset measurements work? and what is the offset on a stock 16x7 wheel? and if i get 17x8 wheels, what offset would i want to make the wheel stick out 1" farther than a stock wheel?

thanks guys.


Check out this page for an explanation of offset:


It looks to me (not that that means squat) like offset is another way of measuring backspacing, but instead of measuring from the inside edge of the rim to the hub mounting surface you measure from the center of the rime to the hub mounting surface. Huh? What's that you say? I have no idea.

I couldn't find anything with the stock offset, sorry.

I'm still trying to find out if the Saleen 18 x 8.5s with 255/55R18s will fit without rubbing and without spacers.

Lemme know what you find out,

yetix, i think youre right about the offset being the same measurement, but from the center of the wheel instead. as far as your saleen wheels, do you know the offset and/or backspacing on them?

I do not know, that's what I'm trying to find out. I suppose I could simply call Saleen but my experience has been that while they make a great product, their knowledge of installation, etc. leaves a bit to be desired. (Weren't you trying to get info on how to install their rear sway bars?)

I was finally able to reach a guy I know who has them on his X and he said they fit with255/55R18s without rubbing and without spacers.

Hopefully someone knows what their offset/backspacing is.

Oh, I e-mailed TireRack.com re Scorpions and they will not sell them to Explorer owners because o the whole Firestone fiasco!! WTF?!?! Guess I'll have to own a Durango when I get my tires!!

I'm starting to wonder if just using Cobra R's with the EE spacers in the front might just be easier. Spacers suck but 3/16" is hardly anything. What do you think tbomb? What size spacers did you have to use?

i used to have the H&R spacers. they were 1" thick with their own studs. if you wanna do cobra r's, i think they look awesome, but you wont need spacers. there are a bunch of tire sizes you can use and get away without using spacers with, which is what i would recommend. i think 98greyxlt (logan - hes a real nice guy - he'll answer any questions you have about his setup - he only has very minimal rubbing at full wheel turn) has pirelli scorpion zeroes 275 55 r17's and i think a bunch of other guys have 255 55 r17's.

as far as the EE spacers go; 3/16" isnt the end of the world. personally i wouldnt get them, but i wouldnt really advise people to not get them, like i do with the 1" ones. the big difference is that the EE ones just slip over the studs. if you keep your lugs torqued to 100 ft-lbs (which is what ford recommends) you should be fine. you may have to get longer studs, but thats no big deal, the old ones just pop out and you put the new ones in - but thats only a maybe on that, you have to see how much of the stud thread is left to grip the lug after you put the spacers on.

hope this helps a little.

and one more truck with cobra r's which i think looks absolutely amazing is n2knee's truck (at least i think thats his name, if not, its close to that, heh.)

Thanks for the info. I'm having trouble getting ahold of the guy that has the Saleens for sale (of course). If I can't reach him soon I'm going to do the Cobras with 275/55R17s. If they rub too much then I'll get the EE spacers.

yetix, sounds good. either way, youre trucks gonna be awesome - youd better post some pics :)

Will do. Hopefully within the next two weeks!! It already handles and performs so much better than stock. Now I just need the looks to match. Not too pimp but enough so it's not your average SUV.

Now if I could just find one of theose damn 1996-97 Limited front bumpers I'd be set!!!