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Where do I find 4.10's for my Dana??


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October 11, 2004
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Chestermere, Alberta
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1992 Explorer 4.0L 4x4 XL
My 92 X has 3.27 gears in the diffs. I have a set of 4.10's for the rear but I don't know where to find some 4.10's for the Dana 35 in the front.Is this a specific 91-94 Explorer thing or can I use newer ranger front diff gears. I heard that they may be dana's too.

I have never seen a 1st. gen with factory installed 4.10 gears. From the info I have they were never available (3.73 was the lowest gear available). You best chance is to try an aftermarket vender.

Boyle is right, 1st gens didn't come with factory 4.10s, and the front diffs are different, 1st gen is high pinion and second gen is low pinion (reverse rotation and not reverse rotation respectively is how you will most likely hear it refered to). Most all the aftermarket places will have 4.10s for the 1st gen diff though...very common. Just call one of those places up and tell them what you've got (92 Explorer, Dana35 reverse rotation) and they'll hook you up.

ran a seach on ebay or google for d35 reverse rotation gears, you will find them.