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who has the most ttb/independent flex??

That's flexing out the rear axle, not really the TTB :p:

And that's why I said it's not my best pic, you need to use your imagination as to how much droop is going on with the driver's side of the ttb!

Are you picturing it? .... :D

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Are you picturing it? .... :D
Let me try...




Ah there we go :p:

whoa!!! far too much droop there! It'a ain't crawler now! :D

But I like that you're thinking Eddie Bauer! :p

nevermind, updating below...

Here's mine. Don't have a clue on travel amount. At the time this photo was taken it was: front - stock D35 beams, Moog 76 F150 stock height 4x4 coils, JD extended radius arms, JD upper coil buckets, JD early Bronco coil seats, dual shocks and no sway bar. with D44 Outers. rear - stock well worn BII leafs. Since this photo I have added the Yukon Super 88 kit and rear disks and D44 outers for the front.




not as good as you guys but get about 11 inches of travel

Here's better pics of mine screwing around...




and I know it's like blasphemy but since we're posting IFS flex shots, here's my other toy...