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Wiring to battery or distribution box?

what your saying is true- sort of. if a 1 foot long piece of 4 gauge can allow 120 amps to run through it and a 14 foot long piece of 0 guage can allow the same numbedr of amps to run through it (both of which make sense- although they aren't real numbers) then changing the gauge of the 1 foot section makes no difference- and thats the situation we're in here. this is strange i know, but electricity doesn't work in the same way as air or water etc. you can't just picture the flow of electrons as you would picture exhaust gases or pipes in your home- its just not the way they work.

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Go to the battery, that is the power storage divice the alt just keeps it charged. While the alt usualy provides power to the vehicle once started but this is with the stock vehicle once you add a system especial using 1/0 power go to the battery.


as for the 4-gauge, it's a moot point as to how much more you could handle. Expo's site says up to 4 feet of 4ga can handle up to 125 amps. i seriously doubt your alternator can crank 125 amps anyways! 4 feet of 4ga is plenty good and will easily handle whatever you draw thru it. no loss, no problems unless you have a 125+ amp alternator.

Latah!! :cool:

I have my amps hooked up to the power distribution thingy (1 4 guage wire run to a distribution block under the seat) and its worked great. It also makes for a cleaner install. The battery charges just fine and the wire is fused from the alternator to the power distrution block so don't worry about killing the alternator. you'll be fine either way

I wish i was happy with my setup, except my lights dim with my 1/0 gauge. I mean i am running two amps, one is 2400x1, and another 75x4. but i dont know what the cheapest/best way to do this is.