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5th Gen Explorers & Parts For Sale and Wanted

5th generation Explorer, 2011 - 2019 Used vehicles and parts for Sale and Wanted. Must be an Elite Explorer to post items for sale.
The same rule applies in the 5th gen For Sale forum as applies in the old For Sale forums, anyone posting items for sale must be an Elite Explorer member. This policy was put in place years ago after we had a lot of bad sales on the forum. Requiring those who sell to be supporting members reduced the incidents dramatically. For more information about the "Elite Explorers" check this link: https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?account/upgrades Tips to help protect yourself from fraud: Use a credit card if you can Use an escrow service like PayPal.com or use Ebay if you are unsure or use a 3rd person the two of you trust to conduct the transaction if you have ANY doubts. Explorerforum does not mediate delivery, payment, or...
I've sold my Fifth Gen, onto bigger and better things. I've got a couple thing up for sale that I thought I'd give the forum members a crack at. Second up is my JL Audio Stealthbox for Fifth Gen Explorers. This thing packs quite the punch and is the perfect set up for those that don't want to lose any cargo space or seating area or that want a clean stealth look that won't get your car broken into. Part number is SB-F-EXPL3/10W3v3. It includes a vehicle specific enclosure, a JL 10W3v3-2, and mounting hardware. Installation instructions are available on JL's website. Essentially you'll take out the factory sub enclosure, Dremel out the plastic rivets holding the factory grill to the trim panel, and line up the bolt hole. It leaves a...
While cleaning my car at a car wash, I accidentally left my driver side second row carpet floor mat there. Does anybody have second row carpet floor mats that would fit a 2017 Ford explore XLT?
Anyone have the drivers side exhaust bezel for 2016/17 Sport that they would be willing to part with for a price? I just need the left drivers side.
I've sold my Fifth Gen, onto bigger and better things. I've got a couple thing up for sale that I thought I'd give the forum members a crack at. First up is an amp integration package from Pac Audio. This package includes the following: 1. AmpPRO AP4-FD21: This includes a T-Harness that plugs between the Ford Touchscreen and the Sony Amp. The module will output that audio to RCA. 2. LocPro LP7-4: This is a line level output converter to bring that pre-amplified audio to the amplifier or DSP of your choice. If you're familiar at all with how the Sony systems works, you'll know that the Sony amplifier in the vehicle includes its own DSP and tuning. This makes getting a true, flat, line level output impossible using a traditional line...
Hello all, I have a few parts available that were removed from my 2016 PIU. All items are in great cosmetic condition as well as fully functional. Prices are shipped to the 48 conus. I will ship internationally but you will be responsible for the shipping costs. If you think I’m way off on price shoot me an offer and I’ll consider it. Parts available: Storage box/Universal police top tray DB5Z-7806202-AB Asking $40 Auxiliary Jack bezel DB5Z-7806202-AB CV6Z-19C149-A Asking $15 Sync module 1.1 GB5T-14B428-LA Asking $50 4” Sync 1.1 Information display screen GB5T-18B955-GH Asking $80 Temperature control module manual single zone GB5T-14B428-LA Asking $80 FCIM 4” screen GB5T-14B428-LA Asking $70 Center console finish plate and...
Putting a few more sets together, PM if you're interested in a set. I don't have the website 100% live just yet, so it shows Out of Stock, but let me know in the PM as I've got some sets available. It's just got a good set of directions and info on them. PTU, RDU, and Transmission Drain Plug Kit
Hello! I'm looking for a Break Out Box (B.O.B) module for my PIU. The engineering part number for the module is MCGB53-14K131-AA. Any module fit this number after 2016 will works. Have been looking around in multiple dealership but none of them have it. Thanks, Edited: Here's the photo of the module.
Sold my Explorer. Bot a Sync 3 upgrade from Mitral Shah on the FB Sync 3 forum. Never installed it. full kit in bubble wrap. Paid $750 ...selling for $650. Unused, new.
Sold my Explorer. FS is my J&L Oil Separator. Had it on for n6 months, worked like a CHAMP! See pics. $80 to you..thats HALF of the cost. Per the pics, it did its job. I had a Tune and it kept the IC clean.
Hello, I'm looking for a replacement storage tray for my 2015 Police Interceptor Utility. This is mostly used for a mount for police equipment. Asking here since it's way too expensive to buy on ebay. The piece is located above the radio and has a hole with a bolt holding it in. If you have one in good condition with no holes and are willing to sell it for a good price, please let me know!
I have a 2012 explorer with a beige bench seat in fair condition. I am looking for someone near Raleigh to do a swap with me for bucket seats. If you are interested please let me know.
I have all oem parts to install oil cooler on 3.5 NA explorer. Purchased for 2015 XLT, then traded in for 2017 Platinum. 200.00 plus actual shipping cost.
Part of my E is missing, so if anyone is updating their Sport hood letters and may have an E in good shape, email me at tamucowpoke@hotmail.com and I'll paypal you a few bucks.
Hello. I am looking for a stock exhaust setup for my 2018 Explorer Sport. I am looking for the full exhaust that attaches to the downpipes. I have the Livernois "Corsa" on it now and it's not what I am looking for...a tad too loud. I am looking for the stock exhaust note back...Anyone have one laying around that they are willing to sell? thank you in advance. Brian