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1997 ford explorer xlt

  1. TC Install 4

    TC Install 4

    Speed sensor Plug differences - Left (Explorer) / Right (F-150) - Also note, the wiring will also need to be extended to reach BW4406
  2. TC Install 3

    TC Install 3

    Clearance view of plug I got from F-150. Has 90 degree rubber boot. There was plenty of clearance around the tank
  3. TC Install 2a

    TC Install 2a

    Top of BW4406 Clearance under floor and near top of tank
  4. TC Install 1a

    TC Install 1a

    Gas tank bracket - have to bend the end of the bracket to clear the TC.
  5. TC Install

    TC Install

    BW4406 finnally installed
  6. Pan


    Removed Tank skid plate for re-paint
  7. Pan 1

    Pan 1

    Gas Tank Skid Plate Painted and Installed - Used Semi-Gloss Black - Rustoleum - Sprayed on using HVLP paint gun - no reduction
  8. Dowel Pin Made

    Dowel Pin Made

    For BW4406 swap
  9. BW 4406 swap - Stick Mockup

    BW 4406 swap - Stick Mockup

    Stick mockup next to center console
  10. Stick placement while Seated - BW4406 swap

    Stick placement while Seated - BW4406 swap

    Transfer case Stick Mockup placement relative to sitting in Ex
  11. BW4406 Swap - Stick Position - Base Mockup

    BW4406 Swap - Stick Position - Base Mockup

    Base mock up prior to floor fabrication - Using floor mount housing from F150
  12. Ford 4R70W Transmission tailshaft  housing

    Ford 4R70W Transmission tailshaft housing

    Inside rear 4R70W transmission tailshaft housing; 1997 V8 AWD -
  13. D

    1997 Ford Explorer fuse help

    So I recently tried to use the cigarette lighter on the passenger side of my explorer and noticed it did not work. The cigarette lighter next to the radio on the front works just fine. I looked at the fuse (#17 i think) and it looked fine. I was just curious why one works and not the other.
  14. B

    Subwoofer setup suggestions?

    I've got a 1997 ford explorer and I want to setup a subwoofer and amp, 10" or 12" unless I come across a good deal for a 15 on craigslist. I need help picking out the sub and amp and I also need some instruction on the installation. Also if anyone has ideas as to how I could setup the sub and...
  15. B

    Can't locate 4wd switch on 97 4wd xlt

    I bought this 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 4wd a few months ago, but had never given much thought to the 4wd function until I woke up to snow this morning. My boss owned her own 97 explorer for 10 years, so I asked her where it was and she said there is just a switch on the radio/heat panel. Easy...
  16. V

    How hard is it to drop the TC and split it so...

    I'm new to the forum and I have a problem. My 1997 Explorer XLT, V6 4.0L SOHC 4x4 just rolled over to 200k miles. Last week I was under my rig and saw transfer case fluid on the gas tank and above the driveshaft and output shaft. I was thinking the rear output seal was shot and so I took it to...