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Dalton T

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April 12, 2017
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
So I recently tried to use the cigarette lighter on the passenger side of my explorer and noticed it did not work. The cigarette lighter next to the radio on the front works just fine. I looked at the fuse (#17 i think) and it looked fine. I was just curious why one works and not the other.

Yes, fuse #17 is the cigar lighter. But, there is a separate fuse for the Auxiliary Power Socket: fuse #22, 20 amps.

I replaced the fuse in the #22 spot but the lighter still doesn't work. Could there be a short somewhere?

Pull the center console out to see if the wires are still there, then try to get a voltage reading on the back. I forget, does that outlet stay powered when the vehicle is off or does it need the key turned to aux or engine running? Using multimeter again you can measure for voltage at the fuse, and with the fuse removed, continuity between the fuse output and the lighter socket positive (center) terminal wire.