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4 door

  1. 2

    Parting out or sell whole 2001 Explorer E B

    Engine 5.0 L=(302) runs good you can hear it run $400 4 Doors w/good glass power windows and locks w/new speakers $75 ea Rear Hatch w/good glass $125 Transfer case AWD...
  2. A

    Lift kit

    I was wondering where I could get a lift kit for my 1998 explorer
  3. B

    Xavier's 1993 Eddie Bauer

    (I'm Xavier) Hey all. Sort of new here. I drive an Emerald Green 1993 Ford Explorer (93 is the model year, it was actually assembled in November 1992, so the truck is older than me by several months). It has the Eddie Bauer package and 2-wheel drive. I bought it used last year in December and...
  4. S

    question about tire fitment

    Hey guys so i stupidly ordered a set of cooper discoverer at3's before consulting you guys. I have the stock 235/75r15's on but these coopers are 265/75r15. On the master tire fitment thread here it says that i could fit 31x10.5 without rubbing, but most places i look it says that the...
  5. D

    2006 Ranger rear doors don't open.

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and new to my 06 ford ranger. I was hoping I could get a hand here. Both rear doors do not open, I have searched frantically for solutions on how to manually open the doors. So far I have removed the door trim on the inside, pulled the rubber plug out...
  6. J

    1999 ford explorer 4 door 4wd manual

    hello everyone, i recently traded an ar15 for a 1999 ford explorer, i dont know much about explorers, i just never seen a 4 door manual 4wd, and so i scooped up one. can anyone tell me how many were made or where i can find parts? or does anyone want to buy it? lol i cant find anything about...
  7. S

    Limited Bumper Cover Help

    hi, i bought a limited edition bumper cover for my 96 xlt 4d ... i was told it will go over the stock bumper, but it doesnt... what do i have to do to get the cover on properly.. if anyone has done this before or knows how to, your help would be greatly appreciated! thanks steve
  8. J

    Hey Hey Hey!

    Hey everybody! I've owned 2 Ford Explorers now. One was a 1998 that I put 215,000 miles on before the body litterally rotted to pieces and now I recently became the proud owner of a 1996 Ford Explorer 4 door 5 speed from florida. Any guy from Pennsylvania knows, If you find a vehicle out of...
  9. red.EDDIE.4x4

    some type of clicking noise when i hit a bump...im stumped...

    howdy! ive got a 1993 4 door with now a 5.5 inch lift and SOA. ive had it for about 5 months. this just started not too long ago, but when i hit any bump in the road (big, small anything...) i hear a clicking noise as if 2 things are hitting against each other. i thought it was the exhaust...