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a/c evaporator

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    Is the A/C Evaporator Core hard to replace? ('99 Explorer V6 SOHC)

    Hi all. As the title says. I recharge my A/C in a shop and we found out that the Evaporator Core is leaking. They want to charge me almost $600 and the parts alone are about $300...A buddy of mine works in a shop and he can get the parts for cheap (or I can just buy them online) and do it for me...
  2. K

    94 V6 a/c refrigerant line connections loose?

    My 94 V6 EB has a/c problems. Compressor clutch is not engaging at all. I didnt use it at all last summer because the heater blower wasnt working. Eventually found and fixed the problem (blown relay in the pwr distr box under the hood). So now I have a fan that works, the heat works, the...
  3. G

    Volume of Air From Vents Is Low

    Hello everyone - Was looking for some direction on where to look on my 1996 AWD Explorer Eddie Bauer. It has been parked for over a year and I was going to get it out and do some maintenance on it to prepare it to be driven. It has 215k miles and the drivetrain is in great condition. The...
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    Had to remove instrument cluster 03 explrr

    Working on a leak in my A/C system; I was pretty much forced to remove the entire dash/instrument cluster to get at the front evaporartor core. Fixed the leak; got the dash back in...almost. Two things: the gas guage and compass no longer work and the Door ajar, seatbelt, and check gage are all...