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bronco ii

  1. D

    Looking to see if i can find a b2 tire carrier

    I want to start by saying I know I'll have to reinforce the body but I am looking for a bronco ii tire carrier to mount to my mountaineer I want one off a b2 because I want to keep my stock mountaineer bumper also all the aftermarket options cost more than the whole truck did ,and want a good...
  2. I

    Bronco 2 1987 2.9 starting issues, overheating

    Bronco II 1987 2.9 electronic fuel injection Hey guys! So my bronco has ran half of the 3 years I’ve had it it’s now cranking but not starting. I have a list of everything I’ve fixed on it below. So Today I tried spraying a crap ton of starting fluid in air intake and the intake manifold and no...
  3. A

    What is this Light Blue with Light Blue and a black Stripe Connector?

    Just got this Bii shifting and running well but noticed there is a connector with nothing attached to it. Is this normal or am I missing something major? The STI was also disconnected from the test port and must be cleaned. She runs but I can't find a diagram that tells me what the connector is...
  4. A

    1990 Bii A4LD Valve Body Rebuild ZERO Engagement

    I've searched Ranger station, FTE, and this sight but can't find d a straight answer as to a possible problem. Here is what I changed: Transtec valve body gaskets. Transgo and Superior Shift kit combined. Sonnax Manual Valve Index. Power Torque 106 TCC. Power Torque 107 3-4. Standard Ignition...
  5. 410Fortune

    2020 Ford Bronco!!

    The Legendary Ford Bronco - SUV Returning by Popular Demand | 6th Generation of the Bronco is coming!! 2020 Bronco, rumors and concepts have been flying around since 1996 when the last Bronco was rolled off the assembly line What will it be? Based on the new Ranger? Based on the...
  6. C

    True Cheap Truck Project

    Hello, so ill start off with what I have. I bought an 87 bronco 2 for $500. Its got a lot of miles and a lot of rust, paints peeling and both front seats are being help up with a 2x4. The good part is it runs strong and fires up every time(after a new starter, battery, solenoid and cables) it's...
  7. C

    '87 Bronco 2 4x4 issue

    So i bought an 87 bronco 2 5 speed with the locking hubs for 600 bucks, starts runs and drives just fine. Just a hunting rig. When i bought it i tested the 4 wheel drive and it worked great, shifted really smooth with no problems. I put my old 31 inch tires on it for a little extra clearance and...
  8. G

    Bronco I I no fuel help!!

    I have an 88 ford bronco II with no fuel. I have previously replaced both fuel pumps and filters. It ran for about three months after that and then stopped. The pps do not come on when you cycle the key but the relay clicks like it is working. I have tried jumping the fuel pump from the EEC test...
  9. G

    A low from Alberta

    I'm the proud new owner of a 1988 Bronco II XL 2WD. I had been looking for a 1st Gen. Ranger short box regular cab, for a while, hard to find sound body without the regular Ranger rust. My search was for a project truck to work on with my kids, I was thinking RWD truck, and doing the 302 swap...
  10. A

    My Bronco II project.

    This here, is my 1986 Bronco II Eddie Bauer. Started off green and tan, but I repainted it the other day to be tan with bed lined trim. Here is my workload for this: -New tail gate. Has a crack in the gate from the tire rack. -Rebuild the 2.9 V6. It runs fine, but its old. -When the engine...
  11. S

    Wanted upgrade 1990 Bronco II

    I have a 90 Bronco II 2X4 2.9V6. Clean, no Rust, dents, good paint. I am thinking about a drive train update and looking for possable fits.
  12. J

    A4LD Tranny - '89 Bronco II

    Hey guys. New to the forum. Just picked up a '89 Bronco II mud truck a few weeks ago and picked it up cheap enough that I was able to blow the tranny the very next day :salute: I've found an A4LD to replace it but am getting mixed info as far as fitment goes. At first my understanding...
  13. 9

    Transfer case issues.

    Hey i was wonderin if a manual shift transfer case from a 1984 bronco II would bolt up to an automatic transmission in a 1993 ford explorer. i found a good deal on one but i dont know if it will work. Please help me with this dilemma :exp:
  14. 4

    Exhaust resonator question

    Seems like this would be the best section for this... I'm replacing the muffler on my Bronco II 2.9L (have a Magnaflow for it) and I'm wondering exactly what the stock resonator thing on it does (at least I think that's what it's called... it's like a 2nd smaller muffler immediately after the...
  15. J

    My new Bronco "duece"

    my dads friend knew i wanted a 4x4 and i was saving up for an explorer and he offered me his truck for like 500 but i was like nah im gettin an explorer and had 700 at the time and its been a couple months and he wants to get rid of it and he remembered i wanted a 4x4 and he gave it to me for a...
  16. A

    In dire need of '87 bronco ii eddie bauer edition rear bumper!!! Help!!

    A couple weeks back someone rear ended my parked Bronc' II,long story short,the insurance gave juuust about 2,000 dollars and now me and my dad are looking for a REAR,not front,but REEEEAR bumper. I stress the rear because I can't find it anywhere! LMC catalog,eBay,Google,nowhere!!! Can...