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  1. S

    Engine Bay - Rust Bolts & Hose Clamps

    Hi All, I recently purchased an '08 Ford explorer (former government vehicle) it's got 80K miles and I don't have specifics on its maintenance besides it oil changes. I have two questions, what are some parts and areas or maintenance you recomend I check out and see if its been replaced or...
  2. NickyB

    5th Generation Cleaning, Detailing, Waxing. #CleanCarDay - Show off your cleaned Ex

    I didn't see anything about the 5th Gen Ex and those who love to wash, detail, and wax it to show it off as we cruse down the road. The weather up here in the Northeast has been more than favorable and I've taken advantage to do my annual super in depth detail of my 2016 Ex. Feel free to show...
  3. L

    Holding a charge

    I have a 2007 Explorer advance Trac rec does anyone know how long the computer will hold the settings with Battey disconnected. If the battery is disconnected when will I have to think about retraining it?
  4. D

    Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes

    Hey guys, So with the summer here and car season in full flight, here are my Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Car. Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me...
  5. 2

    TPS removal to clean TB?

    I want to clean my throttle body this weekend since its really bad, I've finally figured out how to remove the throttle cable by prying it off(I never found the way to remove it on here), now I'm just wondering if the TPS needs to be off the throttle body too before I clean it. I read somewhere...
  6. F

    IAC Moose call/Vacuum Cleaner fix

    Hi guys, I've read up on alot of the IAC issues people have had in the past here. I know most ppl recommend replacing them. However, they cost about $800 pesos($75 dollars) here in Mexico. So finding a way to make it work again is not a bad thing. At least I feel it may buy you some time. I...
  7. willindsay

    Throttle Body Cleaning.

    Today I cleaned the throttle body it was extremely dirty I'll let the pics do the talking. Before Just sprayed with Carb cleaner. After. Here's what I used. Just spraying it with the carb cleaner got rid of most of the build up I used a tooth brush to scrub away the rest of the...
  8. Cleaning the tubing with an abrasive.

    Cleaning the tubing with an abrasive.

  9. Cleaning contacts.

    Cleaning contacts.

  10. P

    Fuel injector cleaning

    Has anyone used a cleaner tool like this How did it work? I know off car cleaning is the best but how well do these type of tools clean? There is instructions on the can of seafoam for injector cleaning tools like...
  11. BlackHawk09er

    Cleaning my engine.

    I just want to give it that fresh, clean look, and clean off the dirt and water mark. i heard the engine needs to be running but i dont know what to use and what to avoid. would a-pre-she-ate the help