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control arm

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    Clunk while turning

    Hello all, I have an 2015 Explorer XLT AWD with 95,000 miles. I hear a clunking noise at lower speeds (less than cruising speed) while turning right. The noise seems to be coming from the front left (driver's side). I suspected either a ball joint or control arm bushing. I lifted the vehicle...
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    Slight play in passenger side radius/control arm?

    2001 Ex sport 185k miles First off I am no mechanic so I may not know the exact name for this part but I think its the raduis arm or control arm. While searching for the old motel mattress squeak gremlin on the front passenger side I noticed that the control arm has a little play in it in the...
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    265/70/17 rubbing upper control arm

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT on completely stock suspension and stock wheels. After doing a lot of reading, plenty of reports seemed to indicate a 265/70/17 would fit, or MAYBE run into minor rubbing on the fenderwell panels at full lock. Well, at about 1.5 turns of the steering wheel, my new...
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    What's the best sequence for tear apart & rebuild?

    2000 Explorer 4-Door 2WD 4.0L SOHC I want to replace both my front upper and front lower ball joints. Given it can sometimes be difficult to disconnect the ball joints from the knuckle, and the fact that the knuckle is heavy, what's the best sequence for tearing everything apart... what should...
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    Control Arm Bushings - Front - Upper

    The control arm bushings in the front upper control arm are made out of a metal casing with rubber inside. New bushings come as one piece assembly, i.e., the rubber part is already inside the metal casing. To replace the bushings by removing the entire assembly (metal casing and rubber part)...
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    Can't Remove Control Arm Bolt

    I have an issue with my '97 Explorer XLT where I cannot remove the front driver's side control arm because there's a bolt on the right (located next to some fuel and brake lines) that doesn't have enough room to be pulled out. These lines aren't the issue though, it's the metal pipe behind them...
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    Need help.. Can some one please tell me if I can change a two piece upper control arm to a single

    Help can a 2 piece control arm be replaced with a single
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    Lower Control Arm Replacement

    Hello again! This isnt going to be a full write up as they already exist. I just wanted to throw out some of my experience I learned and couldnt find before I started this. First off if your bushing are as gone as mine were you will need new lower bolts. One was stripped the other snapped in...
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    How much torque on this nut? Use threadlock?

    2000 Explorer XLT - 2WD - 4.0L SOHC The right upper control arm is a 2-piece unit. One piece is bolted to the frame; it's the larger of the two pieces. The other piece is bolted to the first piece; it's the smaller of the two pieces; it holds the ball joint. There are 2 bolts that hold the...
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    Please Help, 2014 Limited Suspension Issue

    I slid on snow and hit a curb going roughly 8 mph and snappedmy lower control arm in 2 pieces and pulled the axle out of the insert. The auto body shop got my insurance to replace all the suspension parts on the front drivers side wheel. However after multiple test drives there is a...
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    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011 - Upper

    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Right Upper - Moog RK80068 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Left Upper - Moog RK8708 :us:
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    Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011 - Lower

    Additions: Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Left Lower - Moog RK620319 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly - Explorer 1995-2003, Ranger 1998-2011- Front Right Lower - Moog RK620320 :us:
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    Upper Ball Joints Question and Quote

    I took the X to the shop today and found out that my upper ball joints are done. They told me that the entire upper control arm has to be changed because it's one piece. I read online that some of the aftermarket control arms have removable ball joints but some don't. Is this true? I was given a...
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    How to Replace Bushings (EASY)

    Hey guys, So here is my latest video on how to replace control arm bushings. Instead of replacing the whole control arm for $60+ you can get a pair of bushings for $15 and press the old ones out and press the new ones in. For the upper control arm you have to make sure your ball joint is...
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    Control Arm Installation (Important Information)

    Hey guys, This is a big mistake that I learned about when I was doing the control arms on my truck so I wanted to share and hopefully educate people so they dont make the same mistake. Changing out a control arm is easy so dont mess up the job by tightening the control arm with the wheel...
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    Upper control arm, one piece or two pieces.

    Hey, all, I'm replacing the upper control arm on my 2001 explorer sport due to aged ball joint. I have the 2-piece kind installed on my car. However when I look up part on 1A Auto, they suggested the 1-piece design. Are they interchangeable? Is one better than another? I assume that the...
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    Upper and lower control arms 03 exp sport

    I was wondering if any tecs or guys who have done this job before could tell me if i want to replace the upper balljoint in a 03 explorer sport am i able to just press out the old one and press in a new one ( i am going to replace my balljoints with moog ones) or do i have to replace the whole...
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    2006 explorer lower control arm

    Can't seem to find any DIY on the lower control arm. Should be pretty straight forward, but im wondering if anyone has done this job?
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    I need to replace my balljoints, but I have a question. According to the Haynes manual, and several people I've talked to, I can not just replace the ball joint, but I have to replace the entire unit(I'm assuming control arm). Any help here would be appreciated!
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    4" Superlift problems

    So I have been riding my 4" superlift for awhile now. First I must say never take your truck to 4 wheel parts. they are horrible mechanics and have horrible customer service. anyways I have just isolated the noise I have been hearing ever since. the extended sway bar drop links, the ones that go...