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locked out

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    2005 XLT - Need help on opening stuck liftgate

    Hey everyone, I'm currently stuck with a problem that was completely my own doing; I managed to get the liftgate stuck closed on our 2005 XLT. I was repairing the linkage for the liftgate glass and like an idiot I forgot to reconnect the metal rod (the one with the yellow plastic fittings on...
  2. A

    Locked out keypad not working

    so my husband somehow managed to pre-start my 2013 Ford explorer and then subsequently lock both set of keys in the car. mind you his FAB is running low on batteries and will not start it anyway, hence the two sets of keys now locked in the car. so now we are trying to unlock the car using the...
  3. G

    doors won't open with outside handles unless it's freezing outside

    Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what's going on here, because I've already wasted about $300 at the dealership trying to get this fixed. The 2 front doors won't open with the outside handles, most of the time, except when it's really cold outside. I can reach through the window or...
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    Can't get into my Explorer

    I have a 2000 Explorer XLT that I bought used 6 years ago. The car is locked, the battery is dead, and I just found out that the key does not open the doors, it only operates the ignition. Moreover the key does not even fit in the keyhole for the rear liftgate window. Is there another key for...
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    Door locks after you let go to handle.

    Basically you open the door from the outside. You let go to the handle, the lock will drop down, causing it to lock. Not like a free fall, like being push down in normal use. No, this will not do this with the inside handle, only the outside. This is all happening only on the passenger side...