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    Strange Oil Gauge Issue

    My oil gauge is going crazy lately when I accelerate and moves a bit at idle. This has happened before because my original oil switch broke. But after replacing it the problem went away. That was a few years ago. This time my oil gauge is going crazy but only when my battery gauge is low...
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    Anyone got a part number for a single horn (Low Tone) '16 Ex LTD

    My '16 Limited Low tone horn died recently. I swapped the two devices around and sure enough: high tone horn works in either position. But, low tone unit is dead. LFD only seems to sell them as a pair/assembly and it's a little pricey for something that I only need 50% of at the moment...
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    Oil Pressure Gauge Sagging?

    Hey nice folks, Thanks for the plethora of information I've already found using the search function. Over 20 years of fandom sure does add up. I wasn't able to find anything that mimics my current symptoms though. I have a 1992 (original motor, 196k miles), and earlier in 2018, the oil...
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    2002 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC Low Oil Pressure

    Hi, I just rebuilt my 2002 ford explorer 4.0 SOHC engine at 180,000 miles. I replaced all the bearing, gaskets, oil pump, timing set. The main bearing clearances are .002, .002, .0015, .002. After the rebuild when hot oil pressure was dropping to 3psi at idle in gear. After replacing the pump...
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    TPMS Fault - Very Low Pressure

    When I first got my used '05 Explorer this weekend, there was a message that said "Check tire pressure" or something like that. I stopped at the gas station on my way home and pumped up all of the tires to 36PSI. Instantly after doing this, the message changed to "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault"...
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    4x4 high lighting flashing code p1827

    Having the 4x4 problem again with my 02 explorer . . Throwing a p1827 code for 4x4 low clutch relay ground short. Any idea on common problems thatll cause it? Fixes? 4hi 4lo dont work
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    New Wheels and Low Tire Pressure?

    Hi so I'm assuming nig that after I put on my new wheels that the new ones done have sensors in them like stock. This doesn't bother me. However, my dash keeps displaying the "Low Tire Pressure" warning light that I'd really like to get rid of so I can keep it as clean as possible. Does anyone...
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    Low brake fluid light with new brakes help !!!!!

    I am in need for some help on this one. 2006 explorer 145,000 miles about a week ago the Low brake fluid light came on in the information screen and the solid brake light is also illuminated. Prior to this i had noticed some travel in the pedal to the floor. I checked the fluid level "its...
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    99 explorer idle or computer?

    Been reading up on this sensor and that valve etc for what could be the reason for a low idle issue. I have a low idle...sometimes. other times it works just fine. As in, start up. normal idle, works fine and strong. THEN...as if for no reason, she wont idle properly again. you know...later...
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    4x4 low will not engage but 4x4 high works - P1822

    Hello all I am new here on this forum :) I have a Ford Explorer 2004 XLT that will not engage 4x4 low. And yes:), I have followed the correct steps repeatedly: put gear in 'N' pressing the brake and then pressing the 4x4 low button but the yellow ligth just blinks and nothing happens. I...
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    Low Washer Fluid Warning Stuck on

    First post here. Found site Goggling to find info about this issue. I took my 2011 Limited to the dealer in December 2012 after the Low Washer Fluid Waring and stayed on after I filled the tank to the top with fluid. They confirmed the light was not working properly and replaced the washer...
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    Lift kits for 5th gen. Explorer

    lift kits for 2011 explorer? I am thinking about getting a 2011 explorer but I was wondering if there is any lift kits avaliable I would like to adjust my ground clearance from 7.6 to 9.6 if i were to buy the explorer?
  13. 36494 low pressure cycling switch.

    36494 low pressure cycling switch.

    This is for a 1995 Aerostar.
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    '98 Mountaineer HID issue

    Hi All, I ordered an HID kit for my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer off of eBay (which may not have been the smartest thing in the world), I received the kit today and spent two hours installing it only to find that it was stuck in high beam mode and that the high beam light was constantly on, so I...
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    4x4 Low problems in the snow.....

    Good Morning folks! I have an 04 Explorer, and I tried to use the 4x4 low last night in the snow. When I pressed on the gas pedal, the truck seemed to stall somewhat. Sort of like it was pulling something heavy... Not sure if I am explaining it well. I put it in 4x4 High and it seemed...
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    Idle Adjustment

    2003 Limited V8. I bought it new. Since day one the idle has been slightly low when running with the AC off. It's just low enough to cause some minor stumbling, but not low enough to be unusable. With the AC on; the idle is perfect. I would like to raise the 'AC off' idle speed by about 100...
  17. A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

    A low freon charge will cause ice to build up on the line coming from the e

  18. hi and low beam on at the same time wiring

    hi and low beam on at the same time wiring

  19. low side, gas charging

    low side, gas charging

  20. tractor