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  1. P

    Rotor or wheel bearing?

    I have a 99 explorer sport with a 5-speed 2wd with around 125,000 miles. I have crazy humming coming from the front right wheel well/engine compartment that's slowly been getting worse. It starts around 40 mph and gets louder the faster I go, anything slower and it’s silent. So question of the...
  2. M

    Vibration When Braking

    When I brake, especially if going over 40MPH or so, the front end seems to vibrate quite a bit. My brake pads aren't in the best condition and I have a new set of rotors and pads coming next week (ugh, I hate shipping time). Does it sound like something new rotors and pads might fix?
  3. J

    Lug stud popped off/Fixed but now a new knocking sound (like cv joint)

    Hey guys I yanked & rebuilt my first v6 4.0l solely using this amazing forum n my Haynes book in sept.. Now I'm back because I don't know squat outside the engine and I'm unsure if my troubleshooting skills are sending me Barking up the wrong tree. Soo... I was turning right into a drive...
  4. D

    Name that noise...

    Hey guys, first time poster here... Recently came into ownership of an '06 Explorer. Been having rear noise issues for awhile now, but it's steadily getting worse. I thought it may have been possible tire noise at first, as the treads that came with it were badly worn on the inside edges...
  5. A

    Help! Sourcing spare parts for 2005 Sport Trac in UK

    Hello everybody, After hearing some disquieting noises coming from the front wheel, I resolved myself to take my 2005 Sport Trac XLT to the nearest Ford service center. Their verdict was dreadful: front wheel bearings severely worn, brake discs warped from overheating by the shot bearings...
  6. F

    rear parking brake and wheel bearing change

    I am trying to replace rear axle bearings, And rotor is stuck to hub. Is it possible to remove Axel and rotor together and sperate on a bench instead of spray and wait game I've been trying for 2 he's now
  7. firefly1246

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded the front brakes on your explorer to the 13" rotors and slightly larger calipers from an aviator? I am about to do my front brakes and it looks like it should be bolt in as long as there are 17" or larger diameter wheels. The advantage would be going from a 12.07" to a 13"...
  8. J

    1996 ford explorer sport Brake suggestions

    Im a new member but have experience working on my explorer. I know the process of changeing out brake rotors pads and what not ive done it a couple of times but i usally just go to my local auto parts store give them my info, 1997 ford explorer v6 sport 4x4 and they suggest something. Im...
  9. The front of the rotor.

    The front of the rotor.

  10. The back of the rotor.

    The back of the rotor.

  11. Rear view of the rotor with new studs.

    Rear view of the rotor with new studs.

  12. Front view of the rotor with new studs.

    Front view of the rotor with new studs.

  13. B

    1986 Ranger 2.3 gas-putting & stalling after replacing spark plugs, etc.

    Hi fellow rangers, [ 1986 Ford Ranger/2.3L gas/5 speed OD/128,745 Miles/ California ] Ok, This is my "unlucky every other year" SMOG TEST ONLY where I diligently replace my air filter,spark plugs, cap and rotor, (fuel cap, if needed). The night before doing these changes, I drove to the auto...
  14. C

    New to forum, Need help with 2000 Explorer Rear Rotor Removal!

    Does anyone have pictures and/or instructions on how to remove the rear rotors of a 2000 Ford Explorer 4DOOR?! Any immediate help would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU!!!!!
  15. 99 Chassis Almost Done

    99 Chassis Almost Done

    Sport Trac rotors and spindles, SS brake lines, new shocks, axles, cleaned frame