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    04 explorer P0135 P2197

    Hello guys i have been having issues with my explorer it has the 4.0 its throwing codes p0135 and p2197 i have changed both front o2 sensors, upper intake gasket, coolant temp sensor, plugs wires, egr valve, air filter and it idles rough but drives fine any help would be appreciated.
  2. D

    2016 Explorer Crazy Transmission Issue

    Hello All, I have a 16 Explorer with 36k on it. Since about 25k, I have been experiencing my transmission occasionally slamming into gear. When slowly accelerating from a red light/stop sign, mostly when shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear, engine will go from 2-3k rpm to about 5-6k rpm...
  3. S

    Rough Idle when engine is hot HELP!!! 1993 explorer

    Hey guys, I have a 1993 Explorer XLT with 120,000 miles bone stock. Since I purchased it in March I have noticed that when the engine gets very warm like around or above the M in normal, (from idling with the AC on to cruising the highway in 100 degree weather) when I shut the car off and...
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    Oil consumption/leak

    So I have 3 leaks, power steering, coolant, and oil, all of which seem to be hidden, but the lack of fluids start to show every month or two and I just top them off. The oil is the most concerning to me. Once the oil starts getting low, I get ticks/clicking/weird sounds and questionable...
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    Could use a hand here!

    Hello everybody! Quick introduction I suppose. My name is Zen, I picked up a '95 Ford Explorer Sport with a 5 speed manual transmission. I'm in a bit of a love/hate relationship with it until I can figure out whats going on. I've had this truck now for just over a year, and it's been a...
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    Need help engine pulse

    So Ive had my 2003 sport trac for about 5 months now. It recently started pulsating upon starup. Its very hard to explain the problem. It doesnt happen in the mornings, normally when i get off of work. Ill turn the key and go to drive and it will start pulsating, its enough that it makes me move...
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    Squeaking noise while driving/rough idle

    Hey guys I just joined the forum and wanted to ask about a few things: 1) While driving i can hear a squeaking noise coming from the underside of my car, sometimes i don't hear it at all but typically as i accelerate the noise's frequency goes up. I was wondering if maybe i just need to lube my...
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    rough idle / running? gets worse at higher rpm? no check engine light?

    i had this problem and after a complete tune up, spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, air filter, injector check, bg44k, inspected and cleaned all sensors, replaced o2 sensors (some one told me it might make a difference), i smoke tested the engine through to oil fill cap and found multiple...
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    Minor overheat, now engine idles just a little rough

    Hi, A couple of months ago my wife got home from work and complained about smelling coolant coming from her 2004 Ford Explorer XLS (with the base 4.0 SOHC). I went outside to check and found a very large puddle (pool?) of coolant on the ground. Looking around I found a pretty big leak coming...
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    2002 Ford Ranger. It rides rough. Help please!

    My 2.3L 2002 Ford Ranger is experiencing some rough ride issues. After the vehicle warms a bit, at about 40 MPH, when i step on the throttle, the engine revs heavy, and feels as though it is downshifting. And then the Overdrive Off light turns on. I have replaced the steering column to attach...
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    rough idle, need help

    so, after going mudding with some friends last night, my explorer died a few times due to excess water (we think) in the engine area (and possibly mud). we got it started all the time, and i idled it out at 2500rpms for about 2 mins each time to try and get all the **** out. now, i have a very...
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    Help with cold rough idle

    I have a 91 Explorer and finally have the cooling system in order. New water pump, and radiator and thermostat. Flushed the system very well, and now its clean as a whistle and runs at the right temp. However, 3 or 4 weeks after all this is done, it has started missing badly when its cold...
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    White smoke and gasoline coming out of exhaust?

    I have a '93 4.0 Explorer with 219k miles. I started it about an hour after using it last and it wouldn't start or run right. She was blowing white smoke and gasoline out of the exhaust pipe. I drove it home from where I was which was about an hour trip and the white smoke eventually went away...
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    Start Up Issues

    When I leave my truck over night and crank it in the morning (especially when it's cold), the RPM's are half normal and the truck shakes as if it's going to stall. The lights will flicker and the exhaust smells lean. After 5-10 second the idle will stabilize or I can manually fix the idle...
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    Wrong Idle Air Control Valve??

    I have all the symptomns of a bad IAC but I can't seem to find the correct Valve at any auto parts stores my vlalve looks like this.... but this one is off a 2001 explorer sport not sport trac. All the stores tell me that this is the one i want... which actually runs well...
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    '98 Exp. SOHC - Rough Idle / No Power **Big Mystery**

    Ok, so I'm stumped on this one. I would consider myself fairly good at diagnostics, but this one has me ( and apparantely a number of Ford master techs, and others, stumped) Not mine (yet???- The owner is fed up, and I might be able to buy it cheap as is, but I;m a little scared of this...
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    a few questions about rough country lift. help

    Im looking to buy the 4 inch kit with rear leafs for my 94 explorer sport. Now the rear leafs is all you need in the back? they give you the 4 inches? and another question is do i need the manual steering pitman arm? i have power steering so whats the need for the extra $35? So all i need to do...
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    Rough idle!!!! Slow take-off!!!!

    My 93' Explorer IDLES rough!! And always dies while Idling!! Occasionally Takes Off SLOW!!! Could it be my Loose Squeaky Belt??? Just Replaced Transmission about 1 Month ago if that helps! My New Trans. Is one from the salvage yard,My Explorer has always Idle rough but It is getting Worse!!!
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    I need advice for a 2001 Explorer Sport that's running rough.

    HI, I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 6 cyl that I bought in 2005. I have loved it. Fun to drive and been my baby. Two days ago on the way home I passes a snowplow and noticed some black stuff flying as I went by. It then started to run rough. No engine light came on. But after I stopped and...