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    Automatic lift gate & front suspension squeak!

    So first of thank you all for the help I’ve received on reviewing past threads about varies problems. A little back story. 3 weeks ago I purchased a beauty of a 2011 Ford Explorer limited with all assesory packages added for a great deal. Drove it off the lot no issues. And then a few days later...
  2. 9


    1996 Ford Explorer with those God awful squeaky springs. I plan on replacing all 4 shock absorbers here pretty soon but man those springs squeak when I drive and when I turn. They don't feel like they're bad so I don't want to replace them if I don't have to. Is there something I can spray to...
  3. D

    2004 Explorer XLT Squeaking, need help.

    So I cannot get my 2004 Ford Explorer XLT to stop an engine squeak. So far I have changed my belt 2x, changed my Idler Pulley, and now changed out my Tensioner pulley and the tensioner arm. I'm stuck don't know what else to look at for the squeak. I'm attaching a video of the sound and I'm...
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    Replace water pump pulley?

    My 2004 engine is squeaking horribly more when accelerator is pushed. I’ve changed the belt and no change but I’ve narrowed it down to the water pump pulley area. So is it possible to change the water pump pulley and would that change the bearing also? Thanks
  5. R

    2003 Squeaky front end

    My 2003 Mountaineer has the classic squeaky/creaky front end. After WD40ing EVERYTHING to no avail, I've finally narrowed it down to the RF lower ball joint. The disturbing thing is that both the RF upper and lower control arms & ball joints are only a year old and have less than 15000 miles on...
  6. K

    2013 Explorer High Pitch Squeak 38k miles

    Hey all, I am not new to the forum, I have had an account since 2008 and lost my password so here I am. I recently upgraded from a 2003 Explorer XLT the died at 200k miles (great vehicle I put 100k miles on it personally). Anyway, I now have a 2013 Explorer Base (with added leather ). I have a...
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    Squeaking noise in engine

    I replaced my 1998 exolorer 4.0 with a 5.0 and i get sqeeking noise that sounds like a belt. But i removed the belt and the noise kept happening. Here is the strange part.....if i remove the oil dip stick or take oil cap off, the noise goes away. Cover those holes back up and the noise comes...
  8. J

    Noise inside dash after turning ignition off

    Has anyone has experience with there being a noise coming somewhere inside the dash after turning the engine off. It's hard to explain but It kinda sounds kind like a boiling noise with some chirping noises mixed in and last 5-10 minutes after turning the engine off. Perhaps it's from running...
  9. E

    Alternator Squeaking: Can it wait?

    Ok, so my explorer developed a squeak towards the end of fall, and I could live with it, and it didnt seem too bad. Well, eventually I got sick of it and tried the following: Belt dressing (BAD IDEA) Degreased and scrubbed the pulleys to get all residue from the dressing off. Replaced the...
  10. D

    Wanted need help getting rid of squeaky front end 2002 sport trac

    Thanks in advance for all of your help. My Sport Trac has 150k miles and has been very good to me. But as of the last several months it has been squeaking when turning and going over bumps:eek:. I think that I need to replace the upper control arms and the lower ball joints. Any idea on a...
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    Squealing around 1250-1500 RPM

    I have a 4.0L 6 Cylinder 2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer that is about 40k miles. When I drive I hear a high pitched squealing sound. I have had this problem in the past but it had resolved for the most part, now I am starting to notice it on a somewhat regular basis. While driving I am hearing a...
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    Squeaking in the front end.

    Ok so i just bought my first vehicle, and its a 1999 ford explorer xlt 4.0 SOHC 4x4 with almost 200,000 miles on it. Its a great truck and will have pictures up soon but when i turn side to side it squeals... even if im sitting still...and it squeals when the front of the truck goes up and...
  13. D

    Squeaking / Squealing Brakes

    I got my Limited at the end of March. It has about 5,000 miles on it. When I'm going slow like at a drive-thru window and apply the brakes, they squeal. It doesn't happen if I'm driving at regular speeds and brake. Any ideas about the squeal. I can't believe that the brakes are going bad.
  14. N

    FED UP with the squeaking - '02 sport

    So I've had my 02 Ford Explorer Sport for about 2 months now. 80,000k miles. Great truck, but I've been battling squeaks coming from the front engine area since I purchased the truck. Replaced belt, tensioner arm, and idler pulley...fixed first squeak. Now, about a month later, another...
  15. L

    Squeaky noise when accelerating.

    Hello, I saw a thread on here that spoke of the camshaft/crankshaft position sensor being a reason for hearing a loud squeaking noise. I have a 2004 Explorer V6 4.0L and this started about two weeks ago. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    2001 Ford Explorer Suspension Squeak

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I just recently bought this explorer a couple days ago and did not notice the squeak while test driving it. I am sure that it is something that can be fixed with some lube or silicone spray but i'm not exactly sure what is making it squeak in the first place...
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    Engine gives out high-pitched squeaking/chirping

    Hey guys, so here's the deal: I have a 1997 Explorer XLT with around 72k miles and it seems when I start it cold, there is a very high-pitched squeak/chirp noise that comes from the engine. When I rev it, the higher RPMs seem to make it chirp much faster until it returns down to idle. The...
  18. D

    Squeaky Brake Pedal

    Well our old Mountaineer did this at around 100k miles but now our 06 EB is doing with about 30k.:mad: Sometimes when you press the brake pedal it spueaks or makes a rubber rubbing sound and you can feel it in the pedal. Sounds like maybe the bushing that the pedal pivots on. Does anybody else...
  19. K

    Squeaking sound in dash (near center, at windsheild)

    2004 Explorer Ltd, 63,000 miles While in drive, I've been experiencing a series of random squeaking sounds which seem to originate from the center of the dash, back near the windshield. The sounds most often occur when in drive, stopped in traffic or a red light etc. When I accelerate, the...
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    :thumbsup: Hey just registered to this cool site! I just bought a 98 Explorer Sport. I had a 93 Sport but was forced to get rid of it. So I found a black 98 and I like it even more! The front end was squeaking so I took a look and found the sway link bushings were gone. I replaced with new links...