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  1. E

    Auto climate questiom

    Hi - recently had part replaced at mechanic as passengers side started blowing hot (forget the part - motor actuator or blender ) Before going in the auto button would send proper temp air thru main vents. After this "repair" my auto button only sends air to defrosting vents. I can choose...
  2. M

    Blower Air Flow Speed Measurement / Test

    So I had a mechanic replace my recycle flap, and since then, it just seems the air coming out of the vents isn't as much as it was. So I got a air speed monitor and tested it. Does anyone out there have one and can do the same tests? I put it on max air, recycle, and closed all vents except...
  3. M

    Heard a pop & a flap slap shut, now air flow is very weak

    Hi all - First, I'm new to the forum and not the most knowledgeable about working on the climate system - so i please ask for your patience and forgiveness my ignorance in advance. I've got a 2003 Ford Explorer with dual automatic air control. Yesterday, I had the AC on full blast, and I...
  4. M

    Defrost Control Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyways, the issue I'm having on my 2004 Explorer XLT 4.6 V8 is that when I turn my defrost control to either the floor, defrost/floor, or just defrost, NOTHING changes. I'm getting warm and cold air...
  5. P

    2008 Ltd. Want to replace Dash heat/AC vents with new ones

    Greetings, I have an 08 Ltd with the two round vents on each side of the dash. I don't like the limitations of direction that they have. I recently rented a 2015 U-Haul Superduty and it had updated vents. The opened MUCH further than mine AND they rotated 360 degrees. Here is a link to my...
  6. Sedition

    Black Air Vent Vacuum line... blockage??

    Hi all, My air vents are stuck on "defrost" mode no matter what the selector is set to. So I need some advice reguarding the thin hard plastic vacuum line that runs from the "ball accumulator" into the fire wall and then on to the airvent actuator. It appears that there is a blockage in the...
  7. C

    '97 Eddie Bauer No air from htg/def/a/c vents

    Blower working, very loud as no air is being pushed. Vacuum resevoir ok, checked lines for leaks found none. Recirc door for a/c opens and closes fine. Door in floor vent by accelerator moves depending which button I push (vent, panel, def, floor, etc). I assume it is not a vacuum prob. I disc...
  8. T

    Intermittent Air To Dash Vents

    I have a 2000 Explorer (Eddie Bauer) with auto climate controls (with controls on the steering wheel as well as the dash) Recently air stopped coming out of the dash. The AC clutch engages, but no love from the vents... :( I replaced the relay and checked the fuses but no dice. Recently...
  9. M

    Very low airflow

    (98 Merc Mountaineer 5.0 L 302 HO) I seem to have low airflow form my front vents( including the defroster vents) even when the fan is set to high. The fan sounds like it should on all settings and the airflow to the rear seating area seems to be unaffected. The air temps that it is putting out...
  10. V

    Hot air always!!! Hot air coming through vents

    I drive a 98 AWD Explorer. I bought it in 2005, at which time the air temperature control was not working. So essentially, I could either get hot air with the heater or vents on, and cold air with the AC. But I could turn the system off and close the vents as well. A while ago, the AC...
  11. G

    Volume of Air From Vents Is Low

    Hello everyone - Was looking for some direction on where to look on my 1996 AWD Explorer Eddie Bauer. It has been parked for over a year and I was going to get it out and do some maintenance on it to prepare it to be driven. It has 215k miles and the drivetrain is in great condition. The...
  12. D

    Front vents not working/Back OK?

    I'm trying to find out how to fix a problem with the front vents not working at all. but my back vents work fine. Also, the temp changes from cold to hot on it's own. I have to turn the ac off to get it to go cold again. But that don't always work. Any suggestions? Daniel