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2008 Ltd. Want to replace Dash heat/AC vents with new ones


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March 20, 2011
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08 LTD

I have an 08 Ltd with the two round vents on each side of the dash. I don't like the limitations of direction that they have. I recently rented a 2015 U-Haul Superduty and it had updated vents. The opened MUCH further than mine AND they rotated 360 degrees.

Here is a link to my existing (drivers) vent, and a link to what I THINK is one of the new ones in the U-Haul truck. I am not 100 percent sure of the U-Haul one, but whatever one it was, it did in fact, open fully, and rotate.

I would like to know if I purchase a pair from a newer vehicle will they fit in my 08?

Thanks for any info, dimensions, cross reference, part numbers you can provide.


Great question.

I share your distaste for the Explorer vents. I've found you can pull them out and reposition them to direct the air a little better but still not as easy-to-use as the rotating ones. If you find an answer, I'd sure be interested. Center vents are just as bad, IMO, but not much you can do there.

I just went out and checked the vents on my wife's Expedition (2010) and it doesn't look like those will interchange with my Explorer vents. But they're different from the ones you have linked to from the U-Haul truck. They sit deeper into the dash, almost flush, no surface mounted trim ring like the Explorer vent. I tried to pry them out of her Expedition but decided I like sleeping INSIDE the house and didn't want to take the chance of breaking one of hers so I was being gentle when prying with a screw driver.

Maybe you should rent that truck again....;)

D, Nice to know that I'm not alone.... :) I'll try the repositioning. Where my 08 and your wife's 10 are in the same gen, I wuld have thought there would have been enough "wiggle room" to make it work.

Frankly, I'm not sure the pic I sent would work. I sent it more or less as an example of what I am looking for. Along the same lines, I don't know if the UHaul ones would work either. I guess I could either "test drive" 10 different vehicles under the guise of "car shopping" :) or, find a dealer that has a few of these vents in stock and try them all out. Maybe a junkyard too? Mine just pop out. I've had to take the drivers one out to get at the headlight switch to replace the bulb. I'll keep you posted.

I was in my uncles Superduty truck with vents like you mentioned. I don't know about the outside vents, but I was going to purchase a set for the two middle vents in the radio bezel, and bondo them in place of the crappy rectangle vents. (But I am now looking to get rid of my Explorer, so that won't be happening)

I was not a fan of the stock vents either.