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01 Sport 4x4

Just picked up my X last night. Gotta 01 Sport 4x4 with lots of bells and whistles. I'll shoot some pics and post them tonite.

I have some plans for the vehicle in the near future... any advice on exhaust systems? I'm thinking borla

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hehehe... welcome to the site. I still have the same feeling of the day I picked up my X. :-D

Borla is good. I think they are one of the best, but also the most expensive. Do a few searches here and you will find most people turn to Flowmaster for performance, sound and a reasonable price (including me).

Enjoy your stay!!!

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Here are some pics... I LOVE MY X!!!

I think I need to make some mods but I've been too busy drivin around everywhere. Did manage to pick up a K&N filter tho... I think replacing the stock speakers is gonna be on my to-do list next week.

ummm noob question... what the hell is a euros/altezzas?? wheels i guess? do you have a link to them?

They dont make altezzas for '01 sports.

oh yeah, lift that bad boy.

my wife's uncle has a gibson exhaust on his ranger and that sounds/looks really nice.

Well I've already gone 500 miles and still no mods. She's heading to the shop today for a new muffler. Decided to go Flowmaster 50 series w/DeltaFlow. Hopefully she won't roar too loud but still growl just a little bit. I'll let ya know what I think soon...


the 50 delta should be nice. that's what i'm looking in to getting. their not much louder than stock at idle. i want a nice quiet setup. i like to hear my music more than my 4.0.......

Right on the money Leenjen, I dig the muffler. It's not too loud but a noticably lower pitch growl. And you definately will feel the HP/Torque gains off the line and when you are passing.

Basically what I got was a drop in replacement for the stock muffler. Offset inlet, center outlet (both single), 2.25'' pipe (I think). I went ahead and left the stock resonator (or whatever its called) on for now. They said it doesn't restrict the exhaust but just baffles the sound a little.

Oh and I took her to a local shop that does exhaust, cats, headers, and stuff like that. I paid a little more for the muffler than I'd seen them advertized for on various web sites but the install was only 20 bucks and the guy did a great job from what I could tell, the weld looked perfect. I still need to pick out a tip... any suggestions?

On another note does anyone have any info bout clear sides and tails, and replacement headlight bulbs for an 01 sport?