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03 Explorer 4WD front end vibration /steering wheel shudder


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October 23, 2016
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2003 explorer
My daughter called yesterday to tell me that her explorer was shaking really bad at highway speed 65-70 mph . she also said the steering wheel had a bad shudder /vibration while turning right or left . I have done a basic inspection of the truck and cant see any apparent reason for this to be occurring . I have virtually replaced all front steering and suspension parts less than a year ago.i heard that the ABS system could be causing this .Can anyone help ?

Check the wheel bearings. They are notorious for going bad. I replaced mine with timkens about 4 years ago with no problems to this date.


How old are the tires; what shape are they in?

My girlfriend's Equinox had some fairly significant vibration to it while at highway speeds earlier this year. Ended up replacing a shock and all 4 tires...they were so worn that one tire was out of round, causing the vibration.