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Body Mount Bushings Kit - 2001 to 2003 Ford Explorer Sport - DST dfm002 from for $162.66. This is the only body bushing kit that is made for 2001 to 2003 Ex Sport and it fits perfectly. I just did mine and I added a 1in spacer between the mount and the body. Wow, I now have room to work with my 302 swap. I had to replace all the bolts and washers because of the additional lift. As you can see the original mounts were toastView attachment 163838 View attachment 163839

think this would fit the Gen 4? there is nothing online for replacement bushings.... unless someone knows otherwise

I think everything on a gen 4 is different? I found these mounts by accident after looking at various websites. There are a number of mfg's out there.

A few people have been asking me about where to get a 1.5" body lift. I PMd another member this information but I figured other people could benefit too. Thanks to JSHaag for being the first one to show that this one works:

This is on a 2001 Sport Trac 8 point body kit

When i did the 1.5" body lift, the lift blocks came out the PA-883 kit. It's not necessary to buy that kit to do a 1.5" body lift though, since you really don't need the brackets and steering shaft extension.

It's pretty simple, really, and should cost you around 50 bucks at most.

You'll need 5, 3" tall by 3" wide body lift blocks, available here: Zone Offroad Bulk 3" Tall x 3" Wide Body Lift Block: Automotive

Once you get those, you'll need to take a band saw or a miter saw and cut them in half. There's a nice casting line at the halfway point on the plastic blocks you can use as a guide. If you don't have access to one of those power saws you could also put the blocks in a vise and use a hacksaw or something.

Anyway when you cut those blocks in half, you now have 10 1.5" blocks, which is the number you need.

Now for the bolts. There are 5 pairs of bolts/mounts; I'm going to call them by a letter to make it easier to explain.

A= the pair of mounts at the very front of the truck
B= the pair of mounts in the foot area of the driver and front passenger seats
C= the pair of mounts behind the front two seats
D= the pair of mounts just underneath the rear seats
E= the pair of mounts at the very back of the truck under the liftgate

Your factory body mount bolts are for the most part too short to use once the lift blocks are in place. They are all different lengths so some of the longer ones will be re-used for different places in the truck. Some you will have to buy, however. I used since they were hard to find at any local hardware store. If you don't use Bolt Depot make sure to use Grade 8 bolts for the best strength. Here's what you can re-use and what you need to order:

A= You'll need to order 2 replacements, but save the old ones. The new size is 12mm x 1.75 x 120mm. Bolt depot part number is 6135. If you don't use Bolt Depot make sure to get ones that are threaded for the whole length (this is for the front only, the rest can just have the end threaded).

B= You'll need to order 2 replacements, but save the old ones. The new size is 12mm x 1.75 x 150mm. Bolt depot part number is 6274.

C= You can re-use the old "A" bolts you took from the very front here.

D= You can re-use the old "B" bolts you took from the front seat foot area here.

E= You'll need to order 2 replacements. You don't need to save the old ones unless you want them later to go back to stock if you have to. The size is 12mm x 1.75 x 130mm.

So again, you're re-using 4 bolts and buying 6.

That's all you need for parts. It'll be about 15 bucks plus shipping for the bolts and about 19 bucks plus shipping for the lift blocks.

The installation steps are otherwise very similar as the 3" body lift, which is in 2 parts in these two threads:

With the following exceptions:

-No steering extension or bumper brackets are needed.

-For the rear bumper cover, the metal part of the bumper will touch the bumper once the lift is in, so you need to trim some of the plastic on the underside of the bumper to allow the metal part to clear

-For the fan shroud, the lower fan shroud will need to be trimmed a bit (about an inch or so) on the inside curve so the fan doesn't rub on it.

One more thing, make sure you disconnect the steering shaft and lower fan shroud before you jack the body up to insert the lift blocks. Otherwise you might damage your steering system or your fan.

Here are a few pics of my truck with 265/75/16 tires and when it had just the 1.5" lift installed:

View attachment 318495
View attachment 318496
View attachment 318497

For those people who needed to know the bolt lengths (if they didn't want to re-use some of their factory bolts), here are ALL the bolt lengths needed to complete the lift (thanks Lynchy):

A- 120 mm
B- 150 mm
C- 110 mm
D- 120 mm
E- 130 mm

Ronin8002.....Got under the and looked at stock body mounts and the metal assembly frame that holds the
the actual body isolators . On top of the factory welded mount to the frame their is one half of the OEM rubber factory body isolator. I did not know this, it looks like the OEM body isolator is around 1.5" thick..

I did not know the part of the factor body rubber isolators set in top of the frame mount for half of the factory body isolators the rubber is on both side bottom and top of fame mount.

Question: does the cut in half 1.5 x 3" extra set on top of the 1/2 factory original OEM rubber

orisolators in place now??? say at B section....C....I was looking at..

Also the 3" x 3 " cut in half

to make 1.5" the center hole is not 12MM its 9/16 which is bigger....than 12MM????

Im getting ready to get a new set of factory kevlar Daystar body kit....Ford ST spec. kevlar.

Oh! Look at this! Solid mod at a bargain low price!