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1" lean on driver's side


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March 26, 2019
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South Dakota
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1992 Explorer XLT
I am in progress of putting a Ranger STX high rider lift in my 92 Explorer and have run into a puzzling issue. The lift bracketry and everything is installed but the truck is an inch shorter on the driver's side - measuring from the floor to the top of the wheel well opening, I get 34" on the passenger side and just a hair over 33" on the driver's side. The "before" measurement was 32.5" although I can't remember which side I measured.

I have tried swapping springs side to side and the results do not change. These are the Ranger springs but I have tried a couple other sets of springs with similar results... always an inch lower. Body mounts and the usual stuff look fine.

FWIW I put brand new Moog stock height springs in about 4000 miles ago before a wheeling trip to AZ. I had the truck aligned at that point and all was well but when we got back the driver's side front had developed a fairly obvious negative camber issue. I chalked it up to a junk spring but now I'm questioning that. I certainly didn't wheel it hard enough to bend a beam or something.

I don't get it. Thoughts?

There have been a few thread about it. Here is a search for "gangster lean" which is what it has been labeled on here on the forum:
Google Custom Search. Scroll past the first few search results which are ads.

I know on the high quality lift kits like James duff kits, they give you a 1/2 to 3/4 inch metal puck to put under the lower bucket cup between the beam and cup to compensate for lean one one side or the other. Have you measured from bottom of frame horn to the ground in the front? Might be a more accurate way to measure just in case if it is in the body or not.

I need to take a measurement on the rear I guess. Measuring from the frame horns on the front reveals slightly less of a lean but that's also closer to the center of the vehicle.

I was not aware of this coil spacer thing. My old Skyjacker 6" Class II lift did not come with one but you're right, the Duff kit does actually come with a "leveling spacer." I see how that would correct the issue but is that something people actually do?

I have to pull the rear spring packs apart anyway for more lift, maybe I can get closer to level with a custom pack. Looks like that's how others have fixed it.